In Uganda and elsewhere, poor health services may limit appropriate management of fever cases and delivery of good quality care. Ultimately, this could contribute to the lack of progress on malaria control. In the formative research that preceded our intervention, we identified barriers and aspirations for quality health care. We used these results, together with evidence from studies elsewhere and the inputs of local stakeholders, to identify the most feasible interventions with the greatest potential for impact on health outcomes.

17th August 2015 • comment

The Artemisinin-based Combination Therapy (ACT) Consortium Drug Quality programme collected and analysed the quality of over 10,000 artemisinin-based drugs from six malaria endemic countries. Report available in English, Spanish and French. 

7th August 2015 • comment

A set of 4 consent templates for clinical trials, interview studies, observation studies and sampling only studies.

29th November 2010 • comment

An example of a academic research centre resolving the issue of clinical trial data management Peer reviewed by members of the data management expert committee for this programme.

6th October 2010 • comment