Toolkits offer flexible and adaptable resources that can be used to target and strengthen a particular aspect of the research process, as teams plan and conduct locally relevant trials and studies in their own settings. Toolkits can also provide an opportunity to implement a capacity building initiative for researcher communities across a multitude of settings, giving key guidance and steps to successfully running such an initiative in a local setting. 

In response to needs-based assessments, we have been working in partnership with global collaborators and networks to develop meaningful and targeted toolkits, that researchers can use openly and freely to support the development of their health research studies.

The first toolkit to be made available contains a guided set of resources to inform Quality Management, and the comprehensive considerations for study monitoring and assuring data quality.

If you or your team would like to author a toolkit, or work with us to develop one based on your experiences, please get in touch! We warmly welcome new collaborations to develop resources. Contact us at



Using effective strategies already employed by coordinators and partners across the world, we are currently developing targeted toolkits to support capacity building on a more institutional level for researchers wishing to replicate such initiatives in their own setting.

Would you like to set up a Journal Club? Learn from a team at the University of Ibadan who have authored a toolkit on how to do this. Nearly ready!

Are you keen to understand the research capacity that exists in your setting? Use the new ‘Research Capacity Review’ toolkit to undertake your own assessment and share with the Network how we, and others can help you strengthen this further! In process…