Some exciting new job opportunities!


Quantitative Research in Social Sciences - ELSI2.0 is seeking a qantitative Researcher you will design, execute, analyse and publish survey findings in a number of key areas around the research that HeLEX carries out.  This will initially be focused on understanding patients’ concerns around stratified medicine, data sharing oversight and governance, digital engagement platforms and the sharing of clinical data for research purposes. Click here for more information.


The Global Health Network is seeking a Senior Operations Manager, Global Health Network Manager, Capacity Development Manager, and Impact and Methodology Research Manager. All the roles are based in Oxford, UK, and you can find more information by clicking here


The MRC Clinical Trials Unit at University College, London (CTU) is seeking a Senior Lecturer in Trial Conduct Methodology. Applicants should have a thorough understanding of clinical trial methods and the practical issues in trial and/or data management that may impede the successful, timely and cost-effective completion of a clinical trial. For more information click here



One Million Visits!

The Global Health Network would like to thank all of the researchers and groups who have made the effort to share their materials

This week, The Global Health Network is celebrating a major milestone in it’s quest to enable life-saving evidence to be gathered in the world’s poorest countries. This is all about a digital platform for medical researchers around the world that ... Read more