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Do you work with a research group? Would you group be interested in developing new research collaborations and working on new studies? Site-Finder is a free interactive directory of research sites; it is part of The Global Health Network so you can use your usual log in, and it lists research sites so that others can easily find and contact them about new studies. It's free and easy, sign up your site today by clicking on the link above and clicking 'add a site'.

Contribute to discussionsContribute to discussion forums

Global Health Trials has discussion groups on a number of topics about clinical trial operations. To find them, click on ‘Community Activity’ and then ‘Discussion Groups’. Here, researchers can talk with members all around the world, about common problems they face and potential solutions. New job opportunities, training courses and events are also often posted here. You can contribute by writing a new discussion item (it could be about a problem you’re finding at work, or you could for example post a case study), or contributing to existing discussions. 

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Blogs are for writing about your experiences – a training course you attended, a new trial you are starting, how you are setting up your database, the process of applying for ethics approval, and so on. Anyone who is a member can write a blog – tell us your experiences!

Build a profileBuild your training profile – take an eLearning course and fill in your Professional Membership Scheme Profile

Global Health Trials has many free eLearning courses, all fully certified. These are free to take and can be taken in your own time, and downloaded to be read offline if you prefer.  The Professional Membership Scheme is a free, audited system to help you to track your continued professional development. Join up and receive a membership level according to your experience, education, and career history, and then gain more points each time you attend a training course, have a poster at a conference, gain more experience, and so on.

Write a research paperWrite a Resource Article

The ‘Resources’ section of Global Health Trials is for researchers to find reliable, peer-reviewed information about every step and process involved with clinical research. Perhaps you have given a training seminar on, for example, monitoring? Or write a paper about your community engagement program, or would like to share your experiences setting up a new research laboratory. Send us your proposed article at, and we can help you to have it peer-reviewed and posted on the website, with you as the author.