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Infant and Premature Cognitive Development

Hi! My name is Daniella Santos, I am a Psychologist and I do research on Cognitive Development of child e premature babies.

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Olá, meu nome é Maria Salomé, sou de Moçambique e trabalho no campo social e comunitário sobre Saúde sexual e reprodutiva,

2 months ago

For Research Careers Month: Interview tips

Joby George commented:

Thanks a lot Lesley for your valuable inputs.I thank once again all the contributors for this wonderful informative discussions on this topic which is one of the key topics to enter into ...

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Buy Xanax Online Without Pres

What is Xanax? Xanax is a popular brand drug whose generic name is Alprazolam. This drug is put under the ...

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Webinar: Burden of dementia among older people in Bangladesh: Findings of a National Survey

You're invited to join the icddr,b webinar on: Burden of Dementia Among Older People in Bangladesh: Finding of a National ...

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New Knowledge Hub Launches to Facilitate Uptake and Application of Research Findings into Policy and Practice

The Global Health Network launches the Applying Research to Policy and Practice for Health (ARCH) Knowledge Hub.This Hub aims to ...

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COVID-19 and Gender Infectivity-Mortality Rate among Pakistani Population

The statistical data was collected from the official fact finding documents of Government of Pakistan to analyses the gender based ...

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