Global Health Trials contains numerous Peer Reviewed resources which will help you run research projects. These comprise:

Guidance Articles  on all stages within a trial - for example, data management, how to conduct a back translation review, etc.

Downloadable Tools for example, a process map to help you initiate a trial, tools to help you write protocols, the CONSORT guidelines, and so on)

Downloadable Templates for all stages within a trial, which are completely free and open-access. For example, informed consent forms, budget monitoring spreadsheets, data clarification forms, etc.

Experience Articles from other researchers - for these, search by topic in 'Guidance Articles'

Specific resources for research sites including information about how to list your site on Site-Finder.

eLearning courses which are free, globally applicable and open-access, and will allow you to earn a certificate if you pass the test at the end of each course, by scoring over 80%.


To search by topic (e.g. informed consent/CPD), click TOPICS