This page provides links to tools and templates and also articles explaining the research process. All the resources listed here are free to use and can be adapted for use in your studies; please reference the Global Health Network when you use them! You can find more tools & templates and more information in the Resources section of this website.

If you have examples to add, please get in touch.

Trial Initiation Process Map This map details the processes to initiating a clinical trial. The map is designed as a guidance tool – by working through the map you are taken through the various stages that may be required to initiate your clinical trial. Click on each box to be taken through to guidance, links, discussions and templates.

Adverse experiences This is a form to use or adapt, for parents and guardians of a child taking part in a study, to record adverse experiences related to participation in a study.

Concept Protocol This document can be used by a group, to develop a protocol. It provides a format to record discussions and a means to present a protocol in development to stakeholders.

Costing your research/Budgeting: the WHO offers a free guide containing practical information about how to budget for your research and reduce your costs. You can download it in English or FrenchYou can also download Budget Planning Tools and Templates here, as well as a budget planner with sample data. You can download these from the right hand side of the screen when you follow the link.

Information Sheet and Consent Form for parent/ guardian of achild taking part in a study. This is an example of a Patient Information Sheet and Consent Form for a parent / guardian of a child taking part in a study.

Informed Consent Templates On this link are templates for Patient Information Sheets and Consent Forms for several types of study.

Implementation Research in Health: a Partical Guide This guide from the WHO aims to boost implementation research capacity, particularly in LMICs

Generic SOP This template demonstrates how you might document Standard Operating Proceures when setting up a study.

Study CRF Case Record Form; An example of a Case Record Form, used for data collection.

CRF Tracking A sample Tracking Form, used as a record showing that all data have been correctly recorded.

Protocol Writing Tool A tool to help with protocol writing, providing a checklist of issues that should be considered when writing a protocol, examples of how these issues have been addressed by other researchers, and a library of full protocols and teaching materials. You should also download the SPIRIT guidelines, which define the standard protocol items for clinical trials (also free - checklist included in link). 

Protocol guidance and template for use in a Clinical Trial of an Investigational Medicinal Product (CTIMP) - developed by the UK Health Research Authority in collaboration with SPIRIT (above).

Study protocol An example of how a study protocol can be constructed.

SOPS Many example SOPs are provided here, including for archiving, CRF development, IB development, monitoring, and a generic template.  

Monitoring The link provides links to templates for an internal monitoring plan, checklist, agreements, SOPs, Visit logs, and activities templates

Qualitative Research methods for health intervention research: guidance, including tools and resources, aimed at the wider science community from the ACT consortium.

Reporting This link shows a range of guidelines and checklists for reporting different types of research

Trial Management Guide This pragmatic guide, published by the Trial Manager's Network (UK) and available freely online, is a must for all trial managers or coordinators and includes practical information on everything from initiation to closure.

Trial Management Tool This practical tool, supplied by the SUPPORT collaboration, will help with tracking trials from initiation to close-out. You can download it for free and use it offline.