The communication and Consent Committee, KEMRI Wellcome Trust Research programme, Kilifi, Kenya have developed a set of template consent tools. These have been designed to fit several types of research study. We offer them here for other groups to use and adapt to meet the specific needs of their protocols. The objective of preparing these templates was to support the varied needs of researchers conducting different types of clinical research studies. Key information and messages that do need to be strongly communicated change between different types of research study and different research settings. These templates aim to guide the investigator when they need to develop their own study specific information sheet and consent form. Each template should be carefully adapted for a protocol. In Kilifi these templates are intended for use with protocol specific standard operating procedures (SOP). These SOPs detail precisely how the information sheet and consent form are to be used and how it will be implemented. So, for example, SOPs typically contain details on who in the study team will be responsible for taking informed consent from the participants, how they will be trained and how the process of requesting consent will be overseen and monitored for quality and compliance to the SOP. Therefore we recommend that these templates are developed with a corresponding SOP and training plan. We would welcome feedback on these forms and also for any improvements and suggestions.

Download the resources from KEMRI, and some from other research programmes here:

Informed consent template - generic

Audiovisual recording of informed consent SOP

Informed consent template for clinical trials

Reviewing and obtaining informed consent SOP

Informed consent template for observational in-patient clinical trials

Informed consent template for interviewing research studies

Informed consent template sampling only

Monitoring informed consent checklist

Subject informed consent log template

AudioViual recording informed consent checklist

Informed Consent Sample only in household community

or visit Global Health Trials' extensive Templates Library to download more resources. 

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    does your consent have open questions for assessing wheather the individual has true understanding of what they are being asked?

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    Great idea,Its may be good,if u upload a ICF

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    Very good template....

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    I agree - very useful templates. Did you come to the site specifically to find a resource like this? If so, were they easy to find? If not, would you come back for more? What other resources would be useful?

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    So simple and enough information in the template, overall great job to the team

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    But can you please have one example done (filled form) and underline the area that one needs to do changes interms of following the steps

  • See these samples to be of great help to me, as I am currently engaged into my Master in Public Health research

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