This Guide to Efficient Trial Management, published by the Trial Manager's Network (UK) and available freely online, is a must for all trial managers or coordinators. This link is for the 45h Edition (2016), and includes information on randomisation, blinding, sample size and power, trial types, regulatory frameworks, and trial planning - as well as practical information such as trial initiation, recruitment and retention, trial closure etc. 

  • Section 1 Understanding randomised trials 
  • Section 2 National infrastructure 
  • Section 3 Regulatory framework for clinical trials 
  • Section 4 Trial planning and development
  • Section 5 Trial set-up 
  • Section 6 During the trial 
  • Section 7 Trial closure
  • Section 8 Preparation of final reports and publication 
  • Section 9 Archiving

You can view the whole guide here: 

The contents can be accessed, printed and downloaded in unaltered form by researchers, with copyright acknowledged, for personal, non-commercial study.


  • Hi,

    I was elated to find this guide but then I tried the link which didn't work.
    Is it possible to access the guide from an alternate link?

  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 21 Nov 2016

    Dear Gideon - the resource has moved - please see the updated link within the article above. Many thanks, GHN-Editors

  • kizitomichaeljohn john michael kizito 1 Aug 2018

    Clinical research is a very practical course, what can these who are very much interested and have done a lot and cannot have access to some practical part of the study?

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