In celebration of Global Health Trials' fifth birthday (May 11th 2015) Professor Trudie Lang, Principal Investigator of the programme, talks to us about why Global Health Trials was started, why people should share their experience, and what the future holds.

8th May 2015 • comment

We repeated, 10 years apart, the retrospective treatment-outcome study on 400 children with presumed malaria in the same area (Argemone mexicana decoction).

20th February 2015 • comment

A “reverse pharmacology” approach for developing an anti-malarial phytomedicine

by Merlin Willcox, Bertrand Graz, Jacques Falquet, Chiaka Diakité, Sergio Giani, Drissa Diallo

A new "improved traditional medicine" for malaria was developed in Mali, using an innovative approach. Instead of starting with classical laboratory research on plant phytochemistry and pharmacology, the authors first observed the clinical effectiveness of herbal remedies in current use. This approach enabled them to select what appeared to be the most effective remedy among 66 others.

27th August 2013 • comment