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Hi everyone, this new group is a place for new members to introduce themselves in the community. Please post to introduce yourself and let others know about where you are, what your work is, and what your future plans are.


  • wubegzierm Wubegzier 28 Feb 2014

    Hi Everyone,
    I am researcher at the School of Public Health, College of Health Sciences in Addis Ababa University.

    The focus of my research is mainly on maternal and child health association with population dynamics

  • nshvts118 nishu 27 Feb 2014

    hii,I have done my masters in clinical research,and having experience in Regulatory and operations.

  • nshvts118 nishu 27 Feb 2014


  • agymadziwa agnes madziwa 27 Feb 2014

    hie everyone. l am Agnes Madziwa. Former University of Zimbabwe student and was awarded with a Bsc Health Education and Promotion Degree last year. I am interested in promoting healthy lifestyles

  • agymadziwa agnes madziwa 27 Feb 2014

    hie everyone. l am Agnes Madziwa. Former University of Zimbabwe student and was awarded with a Bsc Health Education and Promotion Degree last year.

  • conniemutereko Confidence Mutereko 26 Feb 2014

    hi everyone! i am a student with the University of Zimbabwe studying health education and promotion. i am in my final year and working on a public health research project.

  • pgwanyanya05 Gwanyanya Priscillah 26 Feb 2014

    hie everyone. l am Priscillah Gwanyanya.l hold a diploma in General Nursing and a Bsc Health Education and Health Promotion. l am from Zimbabwe in the Midlands Province. l very keen to learn more on research especially in monitoring and evaluation of health interventions. would really enjoy being part of this research community.

  • desrinnelsedia DESRINA SITOMPUL 26 Feb 2014

    helo every one, iam Desrina an undergraduate student at Sriwijaya University Faculty of Public Health majoring Administration of Health Policy,Indonesia and so much interested in research.

  • musondase simbarashe musonda 26 Feb 2014

    Hello all. I am a RGN working in Midlands Province ,Zimbabwe.I have special interest in M and E of HIV/AIDS projects

  • warigiathumbi Alice Thumbi 26 Feb 2014

    Hi all. My Name is Alice and graduated on December 2013 with masters in Nutrition and a graduate certificate in public health.i am based in U.S.A. Currently am aggressively looking for a job. I have a great interest in childhood obesity and related risks. However, i plan to pursue a PhD in Public Health. Thanks all.

  • draayamgupta Dr. Aayam Gupta 26 Feb 2014

    Hi! Everyone. I am an MPH Student of Achutha Menon Centre for Health Sciences Studies at Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology.

    I have almost a decades experience in AYUSH Health systems in India. This includes a cumulative international work experience of 3.5 yrs in Singapore and Fiji. I'm very much interested in Public Health Research.

  • byansiw Byansi William 26 Feb 2014

    Hi everyone in the group. I am William from Uganda, working with the International Center for Child Health and Asset Development led by Professor Fred Ssewamala of Columbia University. We are engaged in rigorous applied research with children in Masaka and Rakai districts of Uganda.

  • knyaruwe Kudzai Nyaruve 26 Feb 2014

    Hi Everyone,

    I have an MSc. public health from Malmo University, Sweden and I have just started an internship with the UN. I am looking forward to interacting with you guys on this course.

  • alokarya1980 Alok Arya 26 Feb 2014

    Hi All,
    Greetings from New Delhi, India.
    I have been in the field of Clinical Research for more than five years.
    Currently I am involved in Vaccine Trials at CHRD, SAS. We have just completed Phase 3 trial of the Oral Rotavirus Vaccine.
    I am also training coordinator for the organization, where basic GCP is conducted for all team members annualy.
    Recently I conducted one Lecture titled "Informed Consent Process" at Training Program "Basics of GCP" conducted by CDSA (THSTI, DBT, Government of India).

  • alegicqueau Ale Gicqueau 25 Feb 2014

    I am the CEO of Clinovo, a data management CRO with a Cloud-based EDC solution based on open source ClinCapture. We are interested in helping develop new economic models to help developing countries improve their medical infrastructure through clinical trials.

  • Hi everyone. I am clinician/young investigator in Nigeria interested in non-communicable diseases.

  • trchaku Tafadzwa 25 Feb 2014

    Hie, I am an intern at UNODC working in an HIV/AIDS project that works with the prison population.I am involved in project implementation, administration and management.I am looking forward to gaining a lot form this forum.

  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 25 Feb 2014

    Hi everyone, welcome and thanks for posting. It's lovely to hear from everyone and to see such a range of locations and types of research. If there's anything you need but can't find, do just post here to ask. There are hundreds of free resources, articles, eLearning courses, discussion forums, and notifications around the site.
    Kind regards
    The Editorial Team

  • akmaina Dr. Alfred Karagu 25 Feb 2014

    Hi, I am an epidemiologist working in the ministry of health Kenya. Involved in some outbreak investigation as well as some research projects in non-communicable diseases

  • nicolaavery NicolaAvery 25 Feb 2014

    Hi, I am working on a contract at National Institute of Health Research in Leeds as a learning technologist. I am currently working on online collaboration and community projects to help the NIHR co-ordinating centres and the clinical research network find new ways of working following a recent transition of how research is delivered in the NHS. Really looking forward to finding out more about the trials outside of the UK too

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