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Hi everyone, this new group is a place for new members to introduce themselves in the community. Please post to introduce yourself and let others know about where you are, what your work is, and what your future plans are.


  • faloks2000 FALOKUN VICTOR 17 Mar 2014

    Hi all. I am a public health practitioner with major in HIV and TB programs and research. I work for one of the largest public health institute in Nigeria (Institute of Human Virology/University of Maryland Baltimore) as a Regional Program Officer and also a Clinical Associate. Previous experience with Management Science for Health, Nigeria. I have medical, project management and statistics background. Hoping to start my PHD in public health soon.
    I am open to ground breaking researches within and outside my country.

  • sidd7singh Siddharth Singh 14 Mar 2014

    Hi All
    Greetings from New Delhi
    I have been in the field of harm reduction and public health for injecting drug users and their partners.

  • prabbucom Prabbu B 14 Mar 2014

    Dear All,

    I am Prabbu, working as onsite Clinical Data Manager for National Institutes of Health (NIH) under ICER-INDIA.

  • ayenewashenef Ayenew Ashenef 8 Mar 2014

    Hello all. My name is Ayenew Ashenef and I am faculty at College of Health sciences, School of Pharmacy, Addis Ababa university, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I am very interested in collaborations in pharmaceutical sciences field specially pharmaceutical chemistry.



  • ranjeetashija ranjeeta 7 Mar 2014

    Hi all, i am Ranjeeta, Physiotherapists working as an Assistant Professor at Kathmandu University,Nepal. I am interested in the field of Musculoskeletal/disability research and look forward to learning a lot from this forum.

  • howeidamustafa Howeida 7 Mar 2014

    I am an Academic and a researcher in biomedical science. Recently I have been chosen as a reporter of Ahfad University Ethical Committee. I an an Associate Professor of Clinical Biochemistry and PHarmacology. I heartly believe in the importance of research ethics. I have a great pleasure to join your online courses.

  • hojimoh H. O. JIMOH 7 Mar 2014

    Hi all.
    Am a young lecturer in Nigeria and interested in this topic

  • grimondmoono Grimond 7 Mar 2014

    I am program officer and interested in deepening my understanding of Ethics.

  • munaabdo Muna A M Elnemr 7 Mar 2014

    Helo all

    I am a physician and academic I am interested in bioethics and want to learn more about this field. In our country, Yemen , it is a new issue with limited experience.

  • ibnaothman Abdulahi Osman 6 Mar 2014

    Dear All

    I am Abdulahi Osman working at IRC ethiopia.

  • kawadh20 Khamis M. Awadh 5 Mar 2014

    Hi all,am Data manager working with Ifakara Health Institute in Tanzania. I look forward to achieve more knowledge in Data management issues and statistical skills.

  • halal3k Felix Obi 4 Mar 2014

    Hiya All,
    I am a public health professional from Nigeria interested in sociobehaviouralhealth and related research, and would like to meet other research colleagues from across the world

  • shankars Shankar Shanmugam 4 Mar 2014

    Hi every one, I am Dr shankar shanamugam working as Nursing Tutor at Chengalpatu Govt Medical College,Tamilnadu. I am interested to do course on Ethics.

  • shankarshanmugam75 shakila shankar 4 Mar 2014

    Hi everyone, I am Staff Nurse(Research Nurse) at National Institute of Research in Tuberculosis at Chennai,India. I have been in the clinical research for more than 10 years. As member of Research Team, I would like do the Course on Ethics.

  • Hi all, I am member of the IRB at San Marcos in Peru, I would like to learn about current issues in Bioetica on line to apply to the revision investigation projects

    thank you

  • heycarnow Qasim Akano 4 Mar 2014

    Hi everyone, I am Qasim Akano from Nigeria. I am a post graduate student in Dept. of Pharmacology and Therapeutics. My research work is based on malaria.

  • kizerbog KI-ZERBO 3 Mar 2014

    Hi Everyone,
    Greetings from Libreville I am Georges Coordinator of the WHO Inter-Country Support Team for Central AFrica Based in Gabon. Through myb academic and international health career I have been involved with discussions and consultation in Health Ethics. I look forward to our fruitful interactions

  • jackiebadaki Jacqueline Badaki 2 Mar 2014

    Hi everybody, I am an academic based in Nigeria. I have been actively involved in community interactive research for the past 10 years and I am currently a member of my University's Research Committee. I look forward improving my understanding of ethics in research.

  • Hi everyone. I am a post graduate in public health. Working in the area of reproductive health research since 10 years in National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health, NIRRH (ICMR). Since last one year I am working as Member Secretary of Institutional Ethics Committee of NIRRH.

  • Hi everybody,
    Greetings from Antananarivo, Madagascar
    I am intern in Public health, Epidemiology at the Faculty of Medicine of Antananarivo.
    Interested in the field of clinical research on communicable or non communucable diseases

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