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Hi everyone, this new group is a place for new members to introduce themselves in the community. Please post to introduce yourself and let others know about where you are, what your work is, and what your future plans are.


  • Hello everyone.Iam Basutli Ramontshonyana.I work at University of Botswana,at the Office of Research and Development in the Ethics Unit as an IRB Administrative Assistant.I have been there for two and half years.I have developed a lot of interest in Research Ethics(R.E). I am eager to learn more about R.E AND I would like to see my-self having Masters in Research Ethics in future.

  • Hi All,
    Great site. I am the Head of Aeras Africa based in Cape Town South Africa and have been involved in Clinical Research for about 14 years of which a large amount of that time has been spent on Laboratory Capacity Development. Our mission is to develop a new more effective and affordable TB vaccine. I encourage TB researchers to join this site.

  • thomasakwasi Thomas Kwasi Gyan 27 Mar 2014

    Hi everyone, I am Gyan, currently working as a Research Fellow at the Kintampo Health Research Centre, Ghana. I am a public health professional with extensive experience coordinating large-scale research on maternal and child health. I am very happy to be part of this group. Thank you

  • ridorllah Ridwan Adekunle Sanni 27 Mar 2014

    Hi Everyone....

    I am Ridwan .A. Sanni, a Nigerian citizen based in the Gambia. I'm a medical student also work as a Medical Laboratory Technician. I love medical research because I successfully did one in the past and I would love to do more, it is my pleasure to be here and look forward to learn more about the standard ethics and methodology of Medical research.

    Stay Lifted!!!

    R. A. Sanni

  • prossynakattudde Prossy Nakattudde 25 Mar 2014

    Hello my new family, am Prossy from Uganda and a public health and nutrition specialist.
    Am currently working with MercyCorps-Uganda as a Health Facility Support Officer (HFSO), helping in technical assistance and capacity building to strengthen the public and private health systems in North Karamoja.
    My future plan is to work in the area of child servival and handling street children and children in the dwelling places as this is a public health concern too.

  • gracephem gracephem 24 Mar 2014

    Hello everyone, i'am a biomedical scientist (medical microbiologist and parasitologist) by specialty; also certified in biology-genes and gene tech, clinical trial, research ethics evaluation, epidemiology: the basic science of public health. I love this global health trial forum. let's work together to proffer solution to the high prevalence rate of infectious diseases in our communities.

  • drbinoysbabu binoy 22 Mar 2014

    Hi, I am Dr.Binoy Surendra Babu.I am working as an assistant surgeon in government health services in kerala India, after my mbbs and nature of work is general practice and also love doing projects in public health.Future i would love to do research in public health and love to work for the poor people around the globe!

  • umarsap Umar Ibrahim 22 Mar 2014

    Global compliance salutations to all of us here. Going by the diversity of locations and background of the members of this forum, we can really appreciate the fact that we have all gone global.
    I am a Community health worker, registered general and emergency nurse with specialty in Public health, M&E, research and policy. I aspire to be a proven contributor in this noble field of global health, with you guys, i believe arriving there will be smooth. Thank you all.

  • kiplagatm Micah K. KIPLAGAT 22 Mar 2014

    Hi Everyone, I am an epidemiology based in Kenya, currently involved in capacity building activities to health workers in M&E and pursuing Medical Epidemiology Course

  • punamamratia Punam Amratia 21 Mar 2014

    Hi all,

    I am an epidemiologist with a background in statistics, based in Nairobi, Kenya. I'm currently dwelling into statistics for clinical trials looking for better drugs to treat neglected diseases (current importance given to visceral leishmaniasis) in Africa.

    I'm hoping that this site will guide me in finding upcoming trainings/workshops/conferences that could build on my biostatistics background and provide me a platform of specialised advanced statistical knowledge that can translate well into how I analyse future trials. Would really appreciate steers in the right direction!

  • abhattachan Anuj Bhattachan 21 Mar 2014

    Hi all,
    Anuj from Nepal. Love to share and learn re: clinical research from each other.

  • faloks2000 FALOKUN VICTOR 17 Mar 2014

    Hi all. I am a public health practitioner with major in HIV and TB programs and research. I work for one of the largest public health institute in Nigeria (Institute of Human Virology/University of Maryland Baltimore) as a Regional Program Officer and also a Clinical Associate. Previous experience with Management Science for Health, Nigeria. I have medical, project management and statistics background. Hoping to start my PHD in public health soon.
    I am open to ground breaking researches within and outside my country.

  • sidd7singh Siddharth Singh 14 Mar 2014

    Hi All
    Greetings from New Delhi
    I have been in the field of harm reduction and public health for injecting drug users and their partners.

  • prabbucom Prabbu B 14 Mar 2014

    Dear All,

    I am Prabbu, working as onsite Clinical Data Manager for National Institutes of Health (NIH) under ICER-INDIA.

  • ayenewashenef Ayenew Ashenef 8 Mar 2014

    Hello all. My name is Ayenew Ashenef and I am faculty at College of Health sciences, School of Pharmacy, Addis Ababa university, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I am very interested in collaborations in pharmaceutical sciences field specially pharmaceutical chemistry.



  • ranjeetashija ranjeeta 7 Mar 2014

    Hi all, i am Ranjeeta, Physiotherapists working as an Assistant Professor at Kathmandu University,Nepal. I am interested in the field of Musculoskeletal/disability research and look forward to learning a lot from this forum.

  • howeidamustafa Howeida 7 Mar 2014

    I am an Academic and a researcher in biomedical science. Recently I have been chosen as a reporter of Ahfad University Ethical Committee. I an an Associate Professor of Clinical Biochemistry and PHarmacology. I heartly believe in the importance of research ethics. I have a great pleasure to join your online courses.

  • hojimoh H. O. JIMOH 7 Mar 2014

    Hi all.
    Am a young lecturer in Nigeria and interested in this topic

  • grimondmoono Grimond 7 Mar 2014

    I am program officer and interested in deepening my understanding of Ethics.

  • munaabdo Muna A M Elnemr 7 Mar 2014

    Helo all

    I am a physician and academic I am interested in bioethics and want to learn more about this field. In our country, Yemen , it is a new issue with limited experience.

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