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Hi everyone, this new group is a place for new members to introduce themselves in the community. Please post to introduce yourself and let others know about where you are, what your work is, and what your future plans are.


  • mikekramer Mike Kramer 29 Sep 2020

    Hi everyone! I am from Florida USA and have been working as a programmer at for 3 years. But in the future I want to open my own business and, possibly, open my own company.

  • amitpharmaindustry Amit sharma 11 Sep 2020

    Hi, My name is Amit Sharma and I am a pharmacist. Great to be the part of Global Health Trial

  • withbarthalomew withbarthalomew 9 Sep 2020

    Hi everyone,
    I am from Liberia, West Africa. Over the last six years, I have been involved in conducting clinical research in Liberia, including trials on Ebola vaccines, therapeutics; Ebola natural history study as well as HIV and Malaria studies. As the Social Mobilization and Community Engagement lead, I have developed strategies for engaging with and getting communities/stakeholders involved in the design and implementation of various research protocols.
    I supervised the advocacy, communication and community engagement activities in the ring vaccination response efforts during the 2015-2016 sporadic Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak in Liberia. Prior to joining PREVAIL, I volunteered with the case management unit of the National Ebola Response Program at the Ministry of Health, supporting the areas of case investigation, case management and contact tracing.
    I have a Bachelor of Science (BSc.) degree in Biology, a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree, and also a candidate for the Maters of Medical Science (MMSc.) degree at Harvard University, department of global health and social medicine. I am a promoter of good participatory practices in clinical research. I am interested in ensuring that research is informed by community perspectives.

  • Hi everyone, my name is Trokon Teekonblah Roberts
    I live in Liberia and I work as a registered nurse, with background in disease surveillance and response, field epidemiology, health assessment and physical examination, curative health services.

  • Hi everyone, my name is Trokon Teekonblah Roberts
    I live in Liberia and I work as a registered nurse, with background in disease surveillance and response, field epidemiology, health assessment and physical examination, curative health services.

  • buyimzizi Buyisiwe Vilakazi 18 Aug 2020

    Hi everyone, I have a BSc in microbiology and hoping to learn more in the clinical research field. Stay blessed

  • hi, everyone

  • senkyire88 EPHRAIM KUMI SENKYIRE 30 Jul 2020

    Senkyire Ephraim Kumi is a registered nurse (general) with a Bachelor of Science in nursing in paediatrics from the University of Ghana since 2014. He had more than 3 years of clinical experiences in various aspect of nursing especially in child health and more than a year experience as a teaching assistant. His scientific interests are child and maternal health, family centred care, healthcare education and other allied health-related topics. As an emerging nurse-scientist, Senkyire had four articles published in several journals online and looking for scholarship/grant for his future research. His future research will centre on using a mixed methodology in exploring women experiences with preterm infants with a focus on Kangaroo mother care (KMC). The intention is to gain an in-depth understanding of mothers' experiences in providing KMC.

  • SomenathMitra Somenath Mitra 22 Jul 2020

    Hello All, We are a Healthcare Startup based in India. We have been working with different acute and chronic illnesses. Now we focus on Drug Discovery. We are developing homeopathic medicines for addressing many health care challenges. Some results have been very exciting. Am wondering are there Clinical Sites around the world for homeopathic clinical trials or anyone on this list having any knowledge. Please let us know. Thank you 🙏

  • noriaphillips Aizehi Onoigboria 14 Jul 2020

    Hi All,
    quite glad to have found this group, my name is Aizehi, I am a UK based clinical project manager. I oversee the conduct and delivery of clinical trials on behalf of sponsors. I am Nigerian and looking to transfer my skills to my country and I have been told its a very ambitious move and may not be possible because of the prevalent challenges of ethically conducting clinical trials in the West African region. Unfortunately for my naysayers, I beg to differ and continue to look for groups with same goals and perspectives in this sector. I hope to find support from this network in terms of training and generating more awareness on how this can be achieved. Thank you for what you are doing so far, and look forward to greater works.

  • salaheltallawy SALAH EL-TALLAWY 8 Jul 2020

    Hi everyone
    Nice to meet you. I'm Egyptian, live and working as consultant anesthesia and pain management, at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. I'm interested in research activity, teaching, acute and chronic pain management. I'm the team leader for the academic and quality committees. I'm involved in some international projects e.g., ASPIRE-PainOUT group for improving postoperative pain outcome ( ) . Also involved in some national projects to improve the management and outcomes of pain. It is my honor to join the group, looking forward to learn from this group and share our experience.

  • Hi Everyone!

    I'm Noble Princess Chinelo. A Medical Laboratory Sciences Student in Nigeria. I'm glad to be part of this training centre. I look forward to all the trainings.

  • realifka Ifrah Mohamed Salad 5 Jul 2020

    Hi everyone, i am young medical doctor at general hospital working maternity department whole day and night.
    I am from a country that is suffering from a lack of doctors and health facilities. Poverty, disease and war are experienced by my people and my duty as a doctor of this country is to help to change our painful reality.
    I am a bright, ambitious person and enjoy working in a fast paced, highly motivating position where I can assist others while challenging and expanding my knowledge and understanding of the task at hand.
    Thanks all.

  • dorothykakai35 KAKAI DOROTHY 29 Jan 2020

    hello everyone
    my name is Kakai Dorothy a volunteeer at MRC-UGANDA
    I am a qualified biomedical laboratory technologist.
    nice to meet you all

  • Hi, my name nafis from indonesia. nice to meet you

  • emaate500 Masereka Edson 23 Jan 2020

    Hi everyone here, am a medical laboratory technologist based at Kagando Hospital in Kasese district western Uganda in Africa.

  • peaceihueze IHUEZE PEACE CHIDINMA 20 Jan 2020

    Hi everyone, My name is PEACE IHUEZE, a Biomedical Scientist currently practicing in Nigeria and also a Ph.D. student. I'm interested in clinical trials. I'm pleased to be here.

  • mannaralessandro Alessandro Mannara 21 Sep 2019

    Hi everyone. I'm Alessandro from Rome, Italy. I am a professional English to Italian translator specialised in clinical trials and medical translation. Nice to e-meet you!

  • Hi!
    My name is Anahí Flores Rodríguez, Neonatologist, very involucrated in the studying of the neurodevelopment in neonates, and early detection of cerebral palsy.
    Now I`m coordinator in reseach in Nuevo Amanecer Institute, at Monterrey, México, we are working on a randomized, multicentric study about the incidence of cerebral palsy and neurologic morbility associated, in my state.
    I`m glad to be here, and I hope to be helpful

  • Hola a todos!!
    Saludo desde Guatemala, Soy Mayra Garrido, trabajo en un Laboratorio Clínico del IGSS Antigua Guatemala. Actualmente estudio epidemiología, y realizo un proyecto para determinar la presencia de carbapenemasas en enterobacterias en un hospital de esta institución. Tengo poca experiencia en investigación, pero realmente me apasiona. Saludos!

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