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Hi everyone, this new group is a place for new members to introduce themselves in the community. Please post to introduce yourself and let others know about where you are, what your work is, and what your future plans are.


  • anucohrpicaghtm A.ANKAMMA 7 Sep 2019

    Hi everybody Iam Ankamma lab technician

  • medhekarsandip Dr Sandip Medhe 30 Aug 2019


    Hope to learn and unlearn the nuances of Global Health in this forum.

    Thank you.

  • kingpokhara Rajesh Kumar 2 Aug 2019

    Hi all

    A research coordinator here all the way from New Zealand. Look forward to meaningful interactions with fellow researchers on this forum.


    Rajesh Kumar, MPH

  • Hello everyone,
    My name is Samson Emelike from Nigeria.
    I am a public health pharmacist currently working with an organization that provides interventions in HIV/AIDS program.
    I am excited to be here. I have great expectations to learn more from everyone here.

  • otuharrisonsamuel Dr Samuel Harrison 12 Jun 2019

    Good afternoon all
    Greetings from Abuja Nigeria
    I am a Resident Family Medicine, Asokoro District Hospital FCT Abuja
    I am interested in Research and Ethics. An advocate of prevention of NCDs.

  • agnesmalobela19 Agnes Malobela 9 Jun 2019

    Hello everyone. I am Agnes. Does anybody know the validity period of the Global Health Network ICH GCP certificate? Is it two or three years?

  • fideleodur Odur Fidele 2 Jun 2019

    Hello everyone. I am a Ugandan student enrolled for clinical medicine. I would like to upgrade to public health. I'm also interested in research ethics and maternal and child health. Thank you..

  • fritzonswot Mawulorm Vuvor 23 May 2019

    Hi am Mawulorm Vuvor from Ghana, West Africa, am a nurse at university of Ghana hospital, am interested in diagnostic clinical researches and also all other researches related to clinical nursing. In the future i hope to climb my educational ladder and do researches in diagnostic clinic researches to help improve up patient well being and patient care.

  • maureenwkamau maureenwkamau 19 May 2019

    I am an adjunct lecturer in Kenya, teaching Ethics in Biomedical Research. I have a BSc. in Medical Microbiology and an MSc. in Molecular Medicine, and keen to learn more on public health/policy development. Best wishes to everyone.

  • alfredmutua001 Alfred Mutua Mutunga 17 May 2019

    Hello everyone, greetings from the only University along the equator world wide,
    Am a student at Maseno University, school of Public Health and Community Development studying Bsc Medical Biotechnology with IT,
    This online program has greatly helped me improve in researching area and academically
    Am hoping to greatly impact on others in the field...

  • Hello Everyone, it feels good to be here. I'm a resident in training in Public Health at the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, Gwagwalada, Abuja, Nigeria.

  • pathosubhasisjana Dr. Subhasis Jana 11 May 2019

    Hi friends,
    I am a pathologist and QC manager of Purba Medinipur District Hospital, Tamluk, WB, India. I hold postgraduate diploma in Public Health and MD in Pathology.
    I am running one public health lab and Thalassemia control unit lab in the hospital.
    I also work in Suraksha as a Parttime Pathologist.

  • sshilpacn Shilpa C Natesan 10 May 2019

    Hello all

  • llodhi43 Lalit Lodhi 6 May 2019


  • Hello, i am Kondwani Stanslas Msofi, working with Mzuzu Central Hospital in the northern Malawi as an Intern Physiotherapist

  • bbernamrivera Berna M. Rivera 28 Apr 2019

    Hola soy Berna Rivera, estudiante del ultimo año de la carrera de Medicina, Facultad de Ciencias Medicas UNAH. Actualmente me encuentro cursando el seminario de investigación en la Unidad de Investigación Científica y ejecutando el proyecto de investigación; prevalencia y causas de ceguera evitable en personas mayores de 50 años en áreas de influencia atendida por médicos en servicio social del periodo abril 2018-abril 2019. he tomado los cursos de buenas practicas y la pregunta de investigación, me pareció un tema muy importante las buenas practicas clínicas ya que es una herramienta que busca alcanzar los estándares éticos y científicos mas altos en la investigación tanto en Salud como en otras áreas, ademas este curso permite fortalecer las capacidades técnicas y de investigación a la hora de realizar un investigación. Aprendí mucho y me dejo con interés de buscar mas contenido ya que e un tema muy importante para añadirlo a nuestros conocimientos y practica.

  • Hello everyone,
    I am Nwabugwu, O E, a medical Radiographer.


  • kedirseid30 kedir 23 Mar 2019

    Hi ,every one and I am pleased to meet you all!

  • wingilampamila69 wingila 23 Mar 2019

    Hello Readers, Leaders and Winners,
    My name is Wingila Mpamila and I am a Graduate student at City University of New York, my first year in Public Health-Nutrition. I am interested in Public Health Food and Nutrition because back were I come from (Tanzania), this issue is like un-drying, crying-eyes. Food insecurity, Food borne diseases, and complications during and after delivery which all root from FOOD have been there through the history of man. And this is why I decided to switch majors from my bachelor of Environmental Health, to Masters of Public Health-Nutrition. I weep along with my African brothers and sisters, but with all Public Health experts rising like everyone here, It is my unwavering belief that the future is exciting!

  • vijayageetha VIJAYA GEETHA 21 Mar 2019

    Im a clinical psychologist pursuing my Ph.D

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