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Thoughts on starting discussion forums?

Should we start using discussion forums? Why or why not?


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Welcome and Introductions

This group is for new member to introduce themselves: please tell everyone here about your location, current work, and your plans for the future.


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Hi! My name is Daniella Santos, I am a Psychologist and I do research on Cognitive Development of child e premature babies.

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Training and Career Development

Resources for training others, such as sample presentations, and links to a personally-tailored Continuing Professional Development programme.


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Methodological research into the design, do, analysis and reporting involving trials is essential to optimize the process. UK specialists within the field have established a set of best priorities in aid of ...

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Global Health News, Events and Conferences

We have created this area for people to place information regarding upcoming conferences and events which are relevant to the field of global health research. Please feel free to add relevant events or discuss upcoming events here.


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Le virus de l'immunodéficience humaine est l'agent pathogène qui Provoque une infection chronique évoluant vers le sida ,en l'absence de Traitement ARV. Il s'agit d'un rétrovirus (un virus à ARN) de la ...

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Environmental Testing

This group is to host any discussions around Environmental Testing and corresponding Networks. Members will only be able to access this group if they have been sent an invite.

Infection, Prevention and Control (IPC)

This group is dedicated to the topic of Infection, Prevention and Control (IPC). It is currently only accessible through invitation.

Child Health

This is a dedicated group to discussing Child Health. It is currently only accessible through invitation only.

Clinical Psycologists

This is a dedicated group for those involved with Clinical Psychologists. It is currently accessible through invitation only.

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AI for Healthcare Discussions

Join us to delve deeper into the journey of AI in Healthcare, as we navigate the complexities of conducting research, integrating AI solutions with existing healthcare systems, and ensuring ethical and responsible AI usage. We encourage aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, healthcare professionals, policymakers, and AI enthusiasts to participate and exchange valuable ideas.

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Funding Opportunities

This discussion group provides an opportunity to share ideas and advice on funding opportunities and calls for applications. Feel free to upload information relating to funding applications and comment on existing posts; we will continue to routinely add calls for applications for funding opportunities.


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Kindly members link me with best sites i can get the clinical trials for Malaria , TB, Hiv or any vaccine trials Thank you.

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