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Funding Opportunities

This discussion group provides an opportunity to share ideas and advice on funding opportunities and calls for applications. Feel free to upload information relating to funding applications and comment on existing posts; we will continue to routinely add calls for applications for funding opportunities.


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Kindly members link me with best sites i can get the clinical trials for Malaria , TB, Hiv or any vaccine trials Thank you.

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Welcome and Introductions

This group is for new member to introduce themselves: please tell everyone here about your location, current work, and your plans for the future.


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Hi! My name is Daniella Santos, I am a Psychologist and I do research on Cognitive Development of child e premature babies.

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Informed Consent and Community Engagement

This group is aiming for discussions on issues involving informed consent, community engagement, and community sensitisation


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The Office of HIV/AIDS Network Coordination is pleased to announce that the Recommendations for Community Engagement in HIV/AIDS Research Version 2.0 is now available. This document is available on the HANC Public ...

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Regional Faculties

This discussion area is a holding space for the regional faculties whilst we develop a new area on the site. Please post here if you are interested in becoming involved at a local level in this Programme. The role of regional faculties is to encourage clinical trial researchers and staff to collaborate between institutions, disease areas and locations. This can be done by sharing experiences, resources and also by opening up meetings and training courses to colleagues from other groups.


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The Global Research Nurses and Global Health Trials regional faculties have joined forces to run a workshop on July 7th, 2018 at the NAF Conference Centre and Suites, Abuja. The workshop is ...

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Global Health News, Events and Conferences

We have created this area for people to place information regarding upcoming conferences and events which are relevant to the field of global health research. Please feel free to add relevant events or discuss upcoming events here.


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Le virus de l'immunodéficience humaine est l'agent pathogène qui Provoque une infection chronique évoluant vers le sida ,en l'absence de Traitement ARV. Il s'agit d'un rétrovirus (un virus à ARN) de la ...

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Training and Career Development

Resources for training others, such as sample presentations, and links to a personally-tailored Continuing Professional Development programme.


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Methodological research into the design, do, analysis and reporting involving trials is essential to optimize the process. UK specialists within the field have established a set of best priorities in aid of ...

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The Zambian Clinical Research Forum

Welcome to the online community of Zambian researchers aimed at enhancing our local clinical research capacity. Whether you are already conducting research or are interested in getting involved in research, let us get connected and make a contribution to the conduct of research in Zambia. We can each contribute to the weekly discussion topics by sharing our ideas, experiences and questions about clinical research. By engaging in open discussions we will be learning from each other and working together to address any research concerns that arise. This will in turn enable us to strengthen our research community and encourage more locally driven clinical research.


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Anyone with a research question or challenges with their research. Please share, I would like to like help if possible. I am a clinical research project manager, very eager to help Zambian ...

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Global Health Research Process Map

The content of this group is designed to be used with the Global Health Research Process Map.


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Dear Sam I find this excerpt of an article by Prof Jimmy Withsworth a thought provoking one, and with his many hears of experience in directing clinical research programmes in Uganda, he ...

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WEPHREN - ICRC 1st World Conference on Health in Detention

This group has been created to facilitate discussion after the ICRC 1st World Conference on Health in Detention

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ICRC 1st World Conference on Health in Detention

This group is designed for discussion after the ICRC 1st World Conference on Health in Detention