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Hi everyone, this new group is a place for new members to introduce themselves in the community. Please post to introduce yourself and let others know about where you are, what your work is, and what your future plans are.


  • aaronmujajati Dr. Mujajati Aaron 30 Jun 2014

    Hi all, Greetings from Lusaka, Zambia

  • aaronmujajati Dr. Mujajati Aaron 30 Jun 2014

    hi all

  • abhattachan Anuj Bhattachan 30 Jun 2014

    Hi all,
    Me - Anuj from Nepal. I am a public health physician. I have a decade of field experience working with community in hard to reach areas. My passion: I want to learn more and listen to everybody what they have to say. You can get more of me @

  • Hi everyone, my name is Dr Ajibike Salako-Akande simply known as Dr Biks. I am a primary health care physician, and a substance abuse specialist. It is gladdening to know a global network of professionals who are passionate about the health and comfort of their citizens exist in a global forum.
    I have been interested in contributing to the reduction in the devastation of substance abuse of humanity especially understanding how to reduce/remove craving hence my embracing nutrional effects that can achieve this aim.
    I work on this in the US as well as in Nigeria and Jamaica. I look forward to disseminating this awareness globally.

  • pfarmer Paul Farmer 13 May 2014

    Hi everyone! My role is to help coordinate activities within the virology laboratory of Dr. Eric Hunter at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. The main research effort is primarily focused on understanding HIV-1 transmission and the resulting pathogenesis. This entails in part collaborating with our colleagues in Lusaka, Zambia and in Kigali, Rwanda. It is in these two nations that heterosexual couples have been counseled, tested for HIV infection, and then provided condoms as a means of studying transmission and reducing the viral transmission rate. I consider myself quite fortunate to have been a member of this great research team since 1994.

  • Hi! I'm Dr lengane, in specialization in ENT/head and neck surgery in Burkina faso a west african french speaking country

  • valan Valan 3 May 2014

    Hello, I am Dr Valan, from India, Managing the HIV treatment program . I am basically a clinician, interested in Operational research for better health care delivery

  • sanyaisijolafrank Frank SANYA-ISIJOLA 2 May 2014

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Frank, and I am a medical doctor working at the Medical Research Council Unit, Gambia. I have been involved in Clinical trials focused on new malaria drug treatments, over the past 2 years. I also apply GCP principles routinely in the course of my work, while recruiting study participants and coordination of field activities.

    All in all, I am still learning in the field , and look forward to interacting with others on this forum, from different countries with different responsibilities. Afterall the world is one global village, Cheers!

  • muzamilpharmacist muhammad muzamil khan 29 Apr 2014

    i am muhammad muzamil khan. i am a pharmacist and currently working as a hospital pharmacist. i want to learn more about clinical trials

  • kayshako Kay Shako 16 Apr 2014

    Hello Group,
    My name is Kay Shako. I am a medical doctor by profession and I recently obtained a Master's degree in Health Care Administration from the university of Maryland University College. I like research and I am hoping one day to specialise in this field. At the moment I would just like to concentrate more in this area, so I usually check for online courses in this field.

  • tambachews taddele 15 Apr 2014

    I am a board certified physician assistant practicing Emergency medicine, urgent care; occupational health and international health in WA state and in Africa since 2005 .I hold BHCS from the university of Washington and MS from Touro College .My interest to pursue advanced professional practice in a public health international settings .
    Thank you

  • glbatshegi GAONE LUCAS BATSHEGI 11 Apr 2014

    HI..Im Gaone Lucas Batshegi....Im currently working as a Medical laboratory scientist in Princess Marina Hospital, Botswana...Im a holder of degree in medical laboratory sciences...I want to do Msc in Medical lab sciences or Biomedical sciences..Im currently doing a research entitled" prevalence of thrombocytopenia among HIV positive patients ...May you please help me with sponsors or funding for my masters...thank you

  • riolexus Alex Riolexus Ario 9 Apr 2014

    Am Alex Ario Riolexus, from Uganda and works with Ministry of Health which collaborates with many research institutions

  • Hi all, am glad to join you

  • jodydalmacion Godofreda 6 Apr 2014

    Hi, my friends and family call me Jody and I hope you do too. I am a faculty member of the College of Medicine of the University of the Philippines-Manila (UPM) and chairs the Technical Review Board of the UPM-National Institutes. I look forward to an interesting course and lively exchange of ideas. Cheers

  • balekang Bailey 4 Apr 2014

    Hi everyone, I am Bailey. I work as a Researcher, regulatory, involved with training IRB members, Community Advisory Board(CAB) members and reviewing graduate proposals. I work in Health Research Division, Ministry of Health, Botswana.

  • Hello everyone.Iam Basutli Ramontshonyana.I work at University of Botswana,at the Office of Research and Development in the Ethics Unit as an IRB Administrative Assistant.I have been there for two and half years.I have developed a lot of interest in Research Ethics(R.E). I am eager to learn more about R.E AND I would like to see my-self having Masters in Research Ethics in future.

  • sgelderbloem sgelderbloem 3 Apr 2014

    Hi All,
    Great site. I am the Head of Aeras Africa based in Cape Town South Africa and have been involved in Clinical Research for about 14 years of which a large amount of that time has been spent on Laboratory Capacity Development. Our mission is to develop a new more effective and affordable TB vaccine. I encourage TB researchers to join this site.

  • thomasakwasi Thomas Kwasi Gyan 27 Mar 2014

    Hi everyone, I am Gyan, currently working as a Research Fellow at the Kintampo Health Research Centre, Ghana. I am a public health professional with extensive experience coordinating large-scale research on maternal and child health. I am very happy to be part of this group. Thank you

  • ridorllah Ridwan Adekunle Sanni 27 Mar 2014

    Hi Everyone....

    I am Ridwan .A. Sanni, a Nigerian citizen based in the Gambia. I'm a medical student also work as a Medical Laboratory Technician. I love medical research because I successfully did one in the past and I would love to do more, it is my pleasure to be here and look forward to learn more about the standard ethics and methodology of Medical research.

    Stay Lifted!!!

    R. A. Sanni

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