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Some members of Global Health Trials are planning a Global Health Trials clinical research workshop in Nigeria. The workshop will have varying topics surrounding clinical research, from a range of speakers. It will be at the National Hospital Abuja Conference room, and will be free to attend. Other workshops run in other areas have been extremely popular and with excellent feedback.

This discussion group is for members to plan the workshop, register their interest - and for people to let us know if they are interested in presenting on a topic within their area of expertise. Please join the discussion and let us know if you are interested in joining or presenting.


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  • Thank you all for your useful contributions. I agree with the suggestions made by Augustine and Sani.The purpose of this discussion is being fulfilled. I think we should attract both those who are already involved in Clinical Trials and others who are strongly interested in doing clinical trials in the future. The capacity of the auditorium is 100 people. May I suggest, based on all our contributions, that we have the following topics
    1) ICH/GCP basics
    2)Ethical Review/IRB and informed consent
    3)Overview of drug discovery and development
    4)Good Laboratory Practice
    5)Quality Assurance and Quality Control in clinical Trial
    6) Group discussion on Team work and Clinical Trial Project Management including the challenges of conducting clinical trials in Nigeria and way forward.
    7)Introduction to Global Health Clinical Trial and Professional Membership Scheme
    If you have expertise in any of the areas, you may indicate your willingness to take a specific topic. If you know of somebody who has expertise in any of the topics but is not part of this discussion, you may want to contact the person and find out his/her willingness to participate in the discussion and be a resource person. I guess once we agree on the topics and have all the resource persons, the editorial team will move on from there. Can somebody please respond to Emmanuel's concern on HIV test Gold Standard. Many thanks to you all.

  • Thanks Glory for all your efforts so far. This current program looks better, but in my opinion IRB/IEC should be separated from informed consent since it may look too loaded for a single speaker to handle . Nonetheless, if more than one speaker is being planned to handle the topic , then it should be ok. On quality assurance, we should also be very specific for easy handling of the topic. What are we really interested in? GCP,GMP, GLP, GCLP quality assurance or general overview of quality assurance? Apart from these suggestions, I think the other topics are Ok.
    I should be available to handle challenges of conducting clinical research in Nigeria or any topic in quality assurance when clarified.
    Once again thank you for all your efforts and God bless.

  • Thank you Augustine. I mean general overview of Quality Assurance because the topics are very wide and 1 hour is not enough to do justice to them. Also, we cant cover all relevant topics in a day workshop. That is why we cannot have another topic carved out. We may decide to forgo consent but there is a way the two may be combined and delivered within one hour. If the resource person interested in taking the IRB/IEC is not comfortable having informed consent with it then we can leave it out.The challenges of conducting clinical research in Nigeria is part of group discussion topics and not a presentation so you may just stay with Overview of Quality Assurance in Clinical Trials. I hope I am clear.Are there other researchers interested in handling the other topics?

  • Thanks my brother for the clarifications. Your points are well noted.I think I shall settle with overview of QA then. I only request that you keep reminding me about the date so that I can plan ahead and delegate responsibilities.
    I believe that we should not have problems with resource persons as the crop of clinical Research professionals on this forum have been tested and found to be excellent. So, do not be discouraged.Once again, thanks for your efforts.

  • Dear All,

    I have read your comments and suggestions, and also noted the date. Let me contribute along the line of the questions I asked before. I had read the Nairobi workshop programme and saw there was a co-sponsor with GHT for the event. My take is that what we are initiating for ourselves under this GHT forum is a project that will be sustained subsequently. So it is possible to get other corporate bodies to fund such workshops/activities in collaboration with GHT - apparently the time is too short to arrange this for this Abuja meeting. SQAN (our group) would be disposed in the future (if need be) to support such workshops. If it is accepted we could also inform other potential sponsors like the Pharma companies and CROs to support future events.

    For this event, we can get more experts to attend. But we all know ourselves and the current economic situation in Nigeria. For almost everybody you would invite (especially from outside Abuja), you would be expected to take care of the hotel accommodation and transport (flight or otherwise).

    I have seen that the hall has a 100-seater capacity; both experts in clinical research and inexperienced professionals would be expected in this meeting. I believe the one-day workshop will help us promote the activities of GHT and make a strong case for better collaboration in the promotion of clinical research in Nigeria. For the new guys, it will be a good opportunity to get them sensitized about the emerging Nigerian Clinical Trial industry.

    We are talking about a "Clinical Trials (CTs) workshop"; I mean to say that Clinical Research though synonymous with CT is also used in a broader sense. CT, a regulated research is just one part of human subject research, we are not intending to run a full CT training because this cannot be adequately completed even in 3 days.

    With respect to the issue raised by Emmanuel, the problem of HIV diagnosis (false positive or false negative issues)is a Quality Assurance matter, but it borders more on clinical practice than on CTs. Unless one wants to design a CT to address it. So is there any CT sponsor/investigator thinking about this? I could give him extra information on this, but one good thing we would achieve with this workshop is to make Nigerians understand the various available frameworks to address the myriads of Quality Assurance concerns which our people raise whenever Clinical Research is mentioned.

    Apart from individual presentations that may discuss QA in CTs, we ( in SQAN) will have a brief lecture on the QA of various fields (both regulated research, clinical practice and otherwise). This will help the audience appreciate how the QA profession as a whole can promote the CT industry in Nigeria. SQAN is the first professional society of QA Experts in Africa.

    Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), and Good Manufacturing Practice are not about CTs. The only connection is that before an investigative product (IP) is used for CT it ought to have been produced under GMP and tested under GLP.

    If the suggestion of "GLP" as I saw above, is because of the Clinical Lab involved in Clinical trials, the GxP will discuss is GCLP (Good Clinical Laboratory Practice).

    Varied Clinical Trial stakeholders, Bioethicists, Quality Assurance and other professionals shall be attending this meeting, so the idea should not just be to come and run a crash GCP or Bioethics workshop within several hours, but to sensitize people on the immediate need for more CTs in Nigeria and to brainstorm on how best we could collaborate in attracting more industry-sponsored CTs to Nigeria, especially with respect to sharing resources and networking Nigeria CT sites. We need to get this things happen here. Many people get disillusioned after attending a lot of workshops/seminars on CTs but with no opportunity participating in any.

    My belated response is not deliberate, please.


  • Thank you Emmanuel for accepting to be a resource person. Hopefully, you will not have problem remembering May 7, 2012 because all intending participants and resource persons will register using the method that will be given by the editorial board. Materials for publicity shall also be made available. I will suggest that intending resource persons should indicate their interest early to help in planning. Comments made by John-Moses are well taken but because of the constraint of time, I am not sure of having a session for SQAN except if you want to present one of the topics already highlighted that is related to what you want to share and use the time to share the information.

  • tlang Trudie Lang 22 Feb 2012

    Hello Everyone. Firstly well done and congratulations on getting this far. Your workshop will be a huge success given the energy and enthusiasm that you are all showing.

    Can I make some suggestions and share what we have learnt holding similar workshops in other regions, with the intention of helping to guide you all in planning the programme?

    The novelty and value in these workshops are that they are cross-cutting so are for staff involved in all types of trials, all disease area and all roles of staff and researchers. As you have all found already just by meeting each other through Global Health Trials there are so many people working in clinical trials in Nigeria and they never normally have the opportunity to meet and share their skills and experiences. This is exactly why these workshops are so popular and impactful – most trial activities, steps, processes and challenges are exactly the same irrespective of the disease being studies. In fact it is a good ‘ice breaker’ to challenge the audience at the start the meeting to try and name something they came across in conducting a trial that was truly only applicable to that specific trial – do tell me if someone manages to come up with something, as this has not been achieved yet. At a recent meeting someone said ‘HIV sample handling’ in an ARV trial. It transpired the actual issue was tracking and labeling – generic for all trials!

    My point is that it was the cross-cutting knowledge sharing aspect that was the successful theme of other workshops. In Nairobi for example people who came to the workshops said they really appreciated being able to meet colleagues and realise just how many people in there are in Nairobi involved in trials. We had people from academia, government research programmes, CRO’s, NGO’s and industry. The programmes have been kept simple and worked well having a local expert speak on cross-cutting topics. How about this as a suggestion for the programme…

    1. Introduction to the workshop
    2. An overview of clinical trial capacity in Nigeria – who’s doing what
    3. Clinical trial regulation in Nigeria – steps, processes and future challenges
    4. Trial set up and operations – a rural and urban example perhaps (or academic and industry examples?)
    5. Clinical Trial Laboratories
    6. Clinical Trial Data Management – some examples maybe?
    7. Career development and Training to build a future of Nigerian Clinical Trialists
    8. Panel Discussion – building trial capacity in Nigeria

    This is similar to other workshop. Each talk was about 30 minutes with plenty of time for Q&A as they work well as very interactive workshops. The topics where highly transferable and the local speakers gave informative, locally applicable and high ‘guidance’ orientated talks.

    I hope that is some help – your meeting will be a great success and be a valuable meeting for all. Good luck and do let me know how we can help. Well done all!

    Attached files: GHT_DNDi_Workshop_Poster_19th_August_2011_Final.pdf
  • dradomohammed Dr Ado Mohammed 23 Feb 2012

    To introduce myself, I am a consultant in Pharmaceutical Medicine and a CEO of Pharmedas Clinical, a new CRO and biopharmaceutical consultancy company in Nigeria with subsidiary outfits in UK and USA (
    Great start. Please count on my support too. I am happy to take up a topic on product development or pharmacovigilance if a speaker in these areas is required.

  • dradomohammed Dr Ado Mohammed 23 Feb 2012

    Nice topics, Trudie, and very relevant too.

  • Wow! How am I glad to be part of this as a lad who believes in Bionics and biomedical engineering never had had this kind of opportunity here in Nigeria. I'm hopeful and looking forward to May 7, 2012. Thanks Glory, and all for this opportunity.

  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 28 Feb 2012

    Fantastic thanks everyone. Glory - do we definitely have the 7th May date confirmed for the room? If so, we'll start working on the marketing materials. Are you able to work towards confirming a list of speakers as the next task?

    Thanks so much for your hard work.

  • Yes! The May 7 date is confirmed. The suggested topics by trudie have not met with any opposition hence I suggest we use it or use a modified version of it if anybody has a modification to make. For those who, perhaps, have not followed the discussion closely, I will paste Trudie's suggested topics here again and choose what I want to talk on. Others should kindly choose a definite topic so that we can know which topic is left,
    1. Introduction to the workshop ....... Glory
    2. An overview of clinical trial capacity in Nigeria – who’s doing what
    3. Clinical trial regulation in Nigeria – steps, processes and future challenges
    4. Trial set up and operations – a rural and urban example perhaps (or academic and industry examples?)
    5. Clinical Trial Laboratories
    6. Clinical Trial Data Management – some examples maybe?
    7. Career development and Training to build a future of Nigerian Clinical Trialists.......... Glory
    8. Panel Discussion – building trial capacity in Nigeria
    Please, indicate your name against any preferred topic you want to talk on as I have done.
    I am eagerly expecting your response. Thank you all.

  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 7 Mar 2012

    Excellent, thank you all. This is really great, and confirmed for the 7th May. Glory, cna I leave you to put the speakers in place for these discussions?

    Secondly, I just wanted to let everyone know that we are in the process of launching a central African Global Health Trials regional faculty - this will be a network of researchers based in central Africa who will regularly run workshops (just like this one), share job opportunities, training courses, and so on. To sign up, just go to the discussion here:

  • Good news! Central Africa Global Health Trial regional faculty is a great idea.
    I hereby renew the call for all our colleagues who participated in the discussion on the workshop in Abuja to choose a topic they are willing to present or give advice on speakers.

  • Please I will respond to this soon. There is a little constraint on our part. The AGCPN Clinical Trial Workshop is coming up 7th to 11th May in Enugu, and some of our team members will also be attending the SQA meeting in Miami April ending. I will be able to tell my final disposition soonest. I have discussed with some persons but would also have to re-confirm their availability as well.

  • dralinn ALI Innocent 13 Mar 2012

    Dear Glory,

    I think once the meeting will be publicized for people to sign up, subscribers should be considered on a first come first serve basis or some objective criteria for over-subscription, as funding may be very limited (I guess! from Trudie's contribution above). however, we need to strike a balance between getting as many people into the forum and our input. Logistics for this one day workshop should not be difficult and you can always plan upfront in a cost effective way, considering a variety of plans. Hoping to see you all Best!!

  • Dear All,

    I will handle lecture 3.

    Clinical trial regulation in Nigeria – steps, processes and future challenges. It seems we are yet to get enough commitment on the part of the faculty. I will try and reach some people on phone. Some of us were really caught up in between several competing interests.

  • There should be considerations for people who are coming from outside Abuja. Like am a Corps member serving in Sokoto. And as I earlier stated, I could work with the publicity, online, offline.

  • There should be considerations for people who are coming from outside Abuja. Like am a Corps member serving in Sokoto. And as I earlier stated, I could work with the publicity, online, offline.

    Am in the Clinical Research Workshop in Abuja

  • There should be considerations for people who are coming from outside Abuja. Like am a Corps member serving in Sokoto. And as I earlier stated, I could work with the publicity, online, offline.

    Am in the Clinical Research Workshop in Abuja

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