Dr AUGUSTINE ONYEAGHALA - Senior Contributor

About: I am a Biomedical Scientist,Clinical Research Professional , Lecturer, Quality Management Systems (QMS) Consultant and Author. My training and experience cut across Clinical Laboratory Science, Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Research and QMS with emphases on GCP, GLP and GCLP quality assurance. I have a PhD in clinical research and my research thesis was focused on herbal medicine. In my thesis , I established the pharmacological profile of a herbal product and reported that majority of the novel compounds identified in the herbal product were able to exert significant antitumorigenic effects on human cervical cancer cells (HeLa), thus, providing scientific evidence that the herbal product could be a good source of anticancer (cervical) agents. These findings have since been published in international peer review journals of high repute. My goal and desire is to translate these finding to clinical benefits using evidence based approach. I am an active member of the GHTN, Nigerian Faculty. My research and publications are focused on herbal medicine, clinical research, clinical chemistry, quality assurance and regulatory science. I have a combined experience of more than 18 years covering laboratory operations, quality management systems , teaching, biomedical and clinical research. I am member of the West and Central African Faculty of the Global Health Trial Network and has assisted in facilitating several meetings focused on developing capacity for clinical research within the Region. My passion is to use my diverse experience in GCP, GLP and GCLP to ensure quality clinical research operations within the sub-Saharan African Region and develop solutions targeted to meeting the needs of the African populace

Location: Global
Job: Academic


  • Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trial at John Hopkins University via cousera

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