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Some members of Global Health Trials are planning a Global Health Trials clinical research workshop in Nigeria. The workshop will have varying topics surrounding clinical research, from a range of speakers. It will be at the National Hospital Abuja Conference room, and will be free to attend. Other workshops run in other areas have been extremely popular and with excellent feedback.

This discussion group is for members to plan the workshop, register their interest - and for people to let us know if they are interested in presenting on a topic within their area of expertise. Please join the discussion and let us know if you are interested in joining or presenting.


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  • Sorry! I mean Tamzin and not Tanzin to please comment on this. Thank you.

  • Yes! There is hardly any time that one meeting or the other is not going on somewhere in the world. However, anything worth doing at all is worth doing well. Time is crucial in getting the men, money and materials together as we are thinking of the best time to fix the meeting. The availability of the conference room is also important. I have started the process of receiving approval for the National Hospital Auditorium/Conference room. I requested for a waiver(since it is going to be a free workshop and it will benefit the researchers in the institution) from paying N25,000 which is the usual fee for using the venue for a day. We can however get any date of our choice if we are ready to pay upfront.Can we have suggestions as to the topics and the resource persons? May be Tanzin will have something to comment on this.

  • odorking Odor King 10 Feb 2012

    There are many meetings globally from second quarter of April 2012 till July, therefore my thinking for the event is between now and April, this may be realistic rather than May.

    Remember, all the resources (Man, Money and Materials) may be available for the meeting but TIME which is a valuable resource may not be available and this mars the event. So let us give TIME a desired attention it requires!

  • chidemannie chidemannie 10 Feb 2012

    Your welcome glory. I also could mobilize serving corp members with keen interest in clinical trials. And also will love to work with in the publicity/logistics unit for the program. There is this issue that throbs me about the specificty and gold standard test for HIV which is not met yet thousands of africans, nigerians are stamped HIV positive. I believe clinical trials has a voice to stand and act right.

  • Perfect! I will get in touch with the administrative department to secure a date when the conference room will be available all day in May and get back to the groug. Many thanks to you all.

  • Tamzin Tamzin Furtado 10 Feb 2012

    Excellent thanks all, and thanks Glory! Perhaps we could secure a date for the venue, and then we can begin drafting a programme based on the availability of our speakers? Once we have a drafted programme we can start spreading the word and encouraging people to come. Does that sound OK?

  • It is quite encouraging to read the various contributions in this discussion so far. I am thinking the workshop should be for a day and should come up in the first week of may. The theme should be on Clinical Trials in Nigeria and the topics should cover various aspects of clinical trial. seven or eight topics may suffice. I am also willing to give a presentation on informed consent or product discovery and development. I think the publicity should start immediately through phone call and e-mail to researchers in Nigeria that are known to us and we should encourage them to inform other researchers too.

  • chidemannie chidemannie 8 Feb 2012

    This is great, I will sure put in my best as regards publicity and logistics for the event as soon as the date is set. I am currently serving in sokoto where am working on a school clinic as my CDS project. I have access to research scientist as Prof. Campbell and the likes

  • I have just read about the Nairobi workshop and saw it was for one day.

    Will GHT fund the workshop fully or have you got a co-sponsor for Nigeria?

    The 2nd Nigerian Quality Assurance Conference/Quality College is coming up in August (13th to 16th), all things being equal. The conference will cover Clinical Trials and other regulated research in details, anyway. So I would suggest that this GHT workshop should come any time before August or in August before the conference. There will not be any concern even if it comes very close to the SQAN Quality College.

    The Association for Good Clinical Practice in Nigeria is also organising a conference this May. So we could consider these events. It will be nice if the workshop is fixed when people from outside Abuja could attend very well.

  • This is very interesting. I remember the discussions we had with Trudie during last year's EDCTP conference in Addis Ababa. This is a welcome development. I have been involved in clinical trial management, Bioethics and promotion of Quality Assurance of regulated research in Nigeria and would like to mobilize both experienced and potential clinical researchers to participate.

    The first thing I would ask is to know when this workshop would likely hold in Abuja. Will it be for how many days? This is necessary as there are several other workshops (including our QA Conference) planned for Abuja later this year.

    I will be available to speak at the workshop in the area of the Ethics and Quality Assurance in Clinical Research.

    Society for Quality Assurance in Nigeria.

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