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Hi everyone,
It was indeed an exciting time during the Global Health Trials Capacity Building workshop that held in National Hospital Abuja Nigeria on Saturday 28th January 2017 with the Theme: "Capacity building for clinical research in the face of disaster and conflict situation in middle and low income countries''
For those who attended the workshop, I believe you have a lot of things to share about the workshop and suggestions on way forward. Let us use this forum for discussion to keep in touch, strengthen our collaborations, share ideas and brainstorm. I want to encourage those who are yet to register on the Global Health Trials platform to do so immediately to have unfettered access to all the online resources, join our discussion group and let your voice be heard and help build a strong Nigerian Faculty.


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  • ticiafeco Ifeoma Patricia Agbo 11 Feb 2017

    I joined the faculty in my area

  • ticiafeco Ifeoma Patricia Agbo 11 Feb 2017

    Is it possible for me to get a mentor from the group at National Hospital Abuja?

  • kadibal2000 Khadijat 15 Feb 2017

    There was really a lot to share from the worship,infact I am working towards having an established team of researchers in my domain. I wouldn't mind advice in setting up a team and the I

  • kadibal2000 Khadijat 15 Feb 2017

    There was lots to share from the workshop which of course informed establishing a team for research purposes In my domain, however do need advice from already established teams like that of National hospital!
    How do we get to meet expert in the field of research who could give a guide on the modalities of research

  • Welcome on board everyone. Glad to have you at at the workshop. Please feel free to contact any of the faculty members for future direction and developing specific protocol for clinical trial.

  • Hi Khadijat,

    Great to know that you have started a research group meeting in your domain. Which part of Nigeria are you? You can actually post any question you may have on this forum and any of the experts will help to provide direction for your new group. The first thing is to begin to use the materials on the e-learning platform. You may use the short courses or modular courses for your group. Encourage all the members of your group to register on the GHTN platform. You should announce the topic to be considered ahead so that everyone have sufficient time to go through the materials before the group session. Encourage them to do the quize too and be certified to boost motivation.
    you are free to send me a mail
    Best wishes.

  • Hi Ifeoma Patricia,

    The answer to you question is yes!

  • Hi Regional faculty,
    I discovered that navigating the global health network site is quite challenging. Is it possible to develop a guide for this?

  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 17 Oct 2017

    Hi Emmanuel

    Absolutely - this is indeed in development and will be available shortly. However, the GHT team can also provide support by skype demonstrations for research teams - do just email if you'd like us to do so!

    Thank you
    The Editorial Team

  • Hi,

    Please where in Lagos is the 2018 Nigeria Global Health Trials Conference 30-31st Jan 2018, taking place?


  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 19 Oct 2017

    Dear Seth

    Thanks for your query - all details will be confirmed nearer the time, as the planning is still in progress. Keep an eye on the website for more details!

    The Editorial Team

  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 10 Jan 2018

    Dear all, registration for the 2018 conference is now open. The event is free, but prior registration is ESSENTIAL. To read more about the event and to register, visit:

  • 2018 Nigeria Global Health Trials Conference in Lagos

    Hi participants,

    Everything about the just concluded conference was amazing!- The team work, enthusiasm, dedicated publicity, the commitment of speakers, the zeal of participants, the impactful presentation by erudite professors, the quality of the organization and timeliness, the networking, collaboration and partnership formed, the mix of various roles in research from across the country, the age range from young people to perhaps octogenarian, the harmony and symphony of the message that ran through all the presentations, the lunch meetings and lots lots lots more...
    Now is your opportunity to share your personal experience on this platform. Over to you.

  • drchilove Nzomiwu Chioma 10 Feb 2018

    It was indeed a pleasant experience, a rejuvenation of dying hope and waning interest. In fact the discussions were so stimulating and intriguing that I cannot sit down again and watch.
    Now is the time to act and to act now I must!
    Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity.

  • ifedayo_adetifa_yahoo_co_uk Ifedayo Adetifa 29 Mar 2018

    Dear Colleagues,

    Unfortunately I did not know about this meeting and missed it. Thankfully, there is a really nice report to read which conveys some idea of what transpired at the meeting. It would have been helpful to see a summary of action points to be taken forward at individual and corporate levels.

    Finally, while it might have been discussed, it does not seem like the importance of a high quality research operations/support services in obtaining research grants was sufficiently highlighted. One cannot say too much about ensuring our institutions have robust and transparent financial management procedures including management of procurement and stocks,etc; transport and related logistics; power/internet/communication; data management and statistical support; security; biobanking, etc.

    I look forward to the next meeting.

    Thank you

  • dh1463 DAWUD HILLIARD 30 Mar 2018

    Dear Forum,

    I am a third-year doctorate student in Health Science through Nova Southeastern University in the United States. As part of the program, an internship and practicum is required. I am currently working with a global health NGO with peer-review and journal assistance for my internship experience. I am hoping to start my practicum soon.

    For the practicum, students are required to create an educational resource to a target audience outlined as a research paper. They are required to have 4 committee members who have some knowledge of the particular field of study.

    I am planning to write my practicum on an evidence-based approach to preventing HIV in young women as a result of sexual contact with older men (Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)). This work is in conjunction with my work through the NGO.

    I am writing to ask if anyone would be willing to be a committee member who serves as a guide on my topic? I am still searching for several members.
    I greatly appreciate your help.

    Thank you very much for your time.
    Dawud Hilliard

  • dh1463 DAWUD HILLIARD 30 Mar 2018

    I can be reached at
    I greatly appreciate!

  • Good day to you all. I am Dr. Fasakin Kolawole, Chief Medical Lab. Scientist/HIV and hepatitis Researcher from the Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido Ekiti, Ekiti state. I had my Ph.D in haematology from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka in 2017 and a graduate certificate in Epidemiology from University of Washington, Seattle, US. I just joined the global health trials network and appreciate the great work here. Currently, I am an MPH student of University of South Wales, UK because of my primary interest to advance my research in epidemiology of infectious diseases of global impacts. I have formed two research groups in my my institution named, 'Clinical and Diagnostic Research Group' which cross-fertilizes physicians and Medical Lab. Scientists in research and another, 'Expert Research Innovation Group' mainly meant for collaborating Medical Lab. Scientists that focus on developing new techniques and research findings in haematology and HIV/AIDS and hepatitis fields. I look forward to having meaningful interactions with this great team.

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