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Building Teams for Responsible Research Conduct and Publication

The Nigerian Faculty is hosting a fantastic *free* research capacity building workshop on the 30th November 2019

This session aims to identify the perceived gaps in clinical research knowledge and skills among the various clinical research roles in health institutions in Nigeria, as well as contributing to strengthening clinical research capacity. 

The full programme for the session is available here!


Please join us! To register for a place at this workshop, complete the registration form available here.

There are a limited number of place available!




Interview with Dr Glory Oluwagbenda Ogunfowokun about the Global Health Trials Regional Faculty and how it is helping to build research capacity:

NEWS July 2018

Lately the fantastic regional team has been engaged in the following (view pictures here!):

Planning for free workshop on July 18th 2018 in Abuja: Capacity Building for Nurses working in sexual and reproductive health! Still open for registration - for more information click here!

7th July 2018 - Capacity Development for Clinical Research workshop attended by 200 people - report available here.

30 &31st Jan 2018 - Workshop Report: Collaborations and Partnerships for the conduct of Health Research in Nigeria - report available here. 

Weekly blended e-learning courses and journal club meeting attracting various roles in clinical research. This is now taking place in National Hospital Abuja, Asokoro District Hospital Abuja, University of Abuja Teaching Hospital Gwagwalada,Jos University Teachibg Hospital, Bingham University Teaching Hospital Jos. Researchers from Federal Medical Centre Keffi and Bingham University Karu are currently attending the meeting in National Hospital Abuja with the aim of commencing similar meeting in their institutions.
Guest lectures on The Global Health Network at University of Jos, Jos University Teaching Hospital that attracted participants from Bingham University Teaching Hospital and Plateau Specialist Hospital.
Formation of Institutional Research Team at Bingham University Teaching Hospital, University of Jos and Jos University Teaching Hospital.
More that 300 people have registered on the Global Health Trials platform through all the activities mentioned above.
Developed proposal for clinical research to be conducted by our research team in Abuja in collaboration with the National practice based research network.


NEWS 30th May 2017

It is my great pleasure to announce that the Nigerian Regional Faculty has been awarded GOLD status, after succesful completion of a detailed, coherent strategic plan, as well as in reward to the dedication and hard work of its members. The faculty leaders and members have shown great creativity and innovation, running an extensive blended learning system (shortly to be rolled out further across Nigeria), as well as numerous workshops and events. The faculty are a wonderful example of what can be achieved with dedication and positivity. Global Health Trials and the Nigerian faculty will work together to submit funding applications to ensure sustainability of project goals from here on.


New resource! Basic Biostatistics Workshop Materials. The Nigerian faculty ran a biostatistics workshop for research staff during May 2017. The workshop was extremely well attended, and the resources are shared here for all.


Join the Regional Faculty Discission Group to join the movement and let us know what you need!


Aim and Mission of the Nigerian Regional Faculty:

The aim of the Nigerian regional faculty is to be a leading voice on issues concerning clinical research in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa, and our mission is to develop, train and empower clinical research team members of the highest standard for achievement of maximum health impact and national relevance through available resources. We are working with research groups across Nigeria, and staff of all roles and across different disease areas and types of research. We are keen to involve more groups in this initiative, so please do contact us to get involved in our activities. We look forward to hearing from you! 


Nigerian Research Resources

Research sites in Nigeria

General Tools and Resources for clinical research

Free eLearning Courses

Process Map for Initiating Clinical Research Studies

Competency Framework for Clinical Researchers

Global Health Trials 2017 Nigerian Workshop Report

Global Health Trials 2017 Basic Biostatistics Materials

Global Health Trials 2013 Nigerian Workshop Report


History of the Nigerian Regional Faculty

The Global Health Trials Nigerian Faculty started in 2011 when Trudie Lang, PI of Global Health Trials, met GbengaOgunfowokan in Geneva during a WHO/TDR meeting. After discussing the need to build capacity in Clinical Research in low and middle income countries, it was agreed that a free clinical research capacity building workshop should be held in Nigeria. This took place on 12th February 2012 being the first ever capacity building workshop sponsored by Global Health Trials. The workshop had a representative from Central Africa in attendance. The workshop attracted researchers including MorenikeUkpong, Augustine Onyeaghala and Emmanuel Benyeogor who are now Faculty members. The Faculty members worked hard to sustain the tempo and keep the vision of clinical research in Nigeria burning. Global Health Trials Clinical Research Capacity building workshops took place in Lagos in 2013 and 2015 while the current one is scheduled to hold in Abuja on 28th January 2017. The membership of the Faculty has now grown to 20 in the organising committee, but many more are involved in the activities conducted by the group and have benefitted from its training. More people are invited to get involved, so please contact us today if you'd like to join us!

Click here for the profiles of the Regional Faculty Leads


Workshops/Meetings held by Faculty So far:

Prior to the forthcoming 2017 workshop with the theme Capacity building for clinical research in the face of disaster and conflict situation in middle and low income countries, the first for the Nigerian Regional Faculty led by OluwagbengaOgunfowokan to be held at National Hospital Abuja on January 28. There have been three workshops have been held so far since 2012 in Nigeria under the Central and West African Regional Faculty.

The first workshop was held in Abuja on Monday 7th May, 2012 at the Main Auditorium of the National Hospital with the theme Clinical Trials in Nigeria and coordinated by Oluwagbenga Ogunfowokan. Highlights included: An overview of Clinical Trial Capacity in Nigeria, Clinical Trials Regulations and Guidelines in Nigeria, Career Development and Training to build Clinical Trial Capacity, ICH/GCP Basics, General Overview of Quality Assurance in Clinical Trials, Informed Consent and Community Engagement and Panel discussion on building trial capacity in Nigeria.

The Second workshop followed next on November 6, 2013 with the theme Career Development in Clinical Research in Nigeria. The workshop was held at the New Great Hall, College of Medicine, University of Lagos and coordinated by Emmanuel Benyeogor: Highlights of the meeting included Use of Global Health Trials to Facilitate Your Work, Clinical Research Career Development Opportunities, Protocol Writing, Review and Approval, Fundamentals and Application of GCP and GCLP and Panel Discussions. You can read a report of this workshop here

The third workshop was also held in Lagos and Coordinated by Emmanuel Benyeogor on November 26, 2014 following the Ebola outbreak in Nigeria with the theme Research in Disease Outbreaks, a collaborative skills sharing workshop and the highlights included Public Health Significance of Outbreak Research Preparedness, How was Nigeria was able to Respond to Ebola Outbreak, Role of Research Nurses in Outbreaks and Pragmatic Research.

Workshop attendees at one of the Nigerian Faculty Capacity Building workshops engaged in a breakout session discussion