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We are really pleased to announce the launch of our East African Regional Faculty! This will be run by our team of Nic, Moses and Gilbert - please introduce yourselves below.

We'd like other people in the region to also introduce yourselves - we can then begin to network together and can let you know of upcoming events and workshops in the area. If you have any ideas for upcoming events, do let us know.


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  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 13 Jun 2012

    Hi everybody, sorry to borrow this thread for a moment, I just wanted to let the East African Faculty membres know that there will be a workshop in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania on the 12th July, about skills sharing and clinical trials. All are welcome to attend and it is free to join - to register please just email me on

    Flyer attached - please feel free to circulate!

    Thanks and hoping to see you there!
    Kind regards
    The Editorial Team

    Attached files: 2012-06-13_-_Global_Health_Trials_and_NIMR_workshop_July_2012_v1.0.pdf
  • sokeyo SETH OUMA OKEYO 19 Jun 2012

    hi fellows, I was just going through the site and came to love the ideas here, in real sense they can take this our region far, we need to explore them more.
    Seth -DNDi- data center,NAIROBI

  • josephabuodha Joseph Abuodha 21 Jun 2012

    Good day, I am a medical officer working with KEMRI/CDC and study doctor for the malaria vaccine trials at Siaya, Kenya. I am humbled by the presence of such personalities in our region, and honored to be a part of this awesome group.

  • gogetii Gilbert Ogetii 22 Jun 2012

    Hey welcome Joe!am sure your experience and contributions will be invaluable to the GHT community!

  • rndeserua Dr. Rabi Ndeserua 18 Jul 2012

    Hi nice to meet you all, I'm Rabi Ndeserua from Dar es salaam, Tanzania. An employee of Ministry of Health and Social Welfare But currently, I'm pursuing master of Science degree in clinical Research at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University which is at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro. IT FEELS GREAT TO JOIN GHT-EA.

  • ekivaya Esther Kivaya 27 Jul 2012

    Hi all. Nice to meet you. I would like also join the EA faculty. My name is Esther Kivaya, working as a monitor at KEMRI/Wellcome Trust Research Programme.I look forward to interacting with you all and learning from the great research professionals in our area.

  • nelly_owino Nelly Owino 22 Aug 2012

    Hi I'm a pharmacist, currently working as a regulatory affairs company pharmacist in Nairobi.
    I just completed my Msc. Clinical trials and hoping to transition to clin.trials research. I'm excited to join the GHT EA regional forum. Most of the members work in research so hopefully we will get to learn from their experiences in their various areas of work. The discussions should be brain storming and exciting. I'm looking forward to that.
    I'm also hoping to make networks and connections that probably will help me in my transition and overall experience in the clinical trials field.

  • ngochojames Ngocho James Samwel 22 Aug 2012

    I am a Medical Doctor, currently working as Study Coordinator in Malarial Clinical Trial NIMR (Tanzania)/DNDi (Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative) and am expecting to join Msc in Clinical Research academic year 2012/2013. Looking forward to sharing experiences.

  • rmongi Robert Mongi 4 Sep 2012


    Such a honor to be a member of GHT,I'm a medical doctor based in Tanzania working with malaria clinical trials.lets share our experiences and make this forum useful.

  • peggy702002 Aurelia Peggy 18 Oct 2012

    Hi, i am a student based in scotland with interest in public health especially HIV/Aids . I am happy to be part of this forum so that i can learn more from more experienced people like you who are on the ground regarding any vaccines that are being trialed to help eradicate or contain this epidermic.

  • Hi Every one.My NAME IS Dathan Mirembe Byonanebye.I'm a medical doctor working a study coordinator for a UCSF clinical trial in western Uganda.
    I'm excited to be part of GHT.

  • Hello dear GHT east African faculties
    I'm from Haramaya University, Ethiopia
    I'm teaching in the school of Medical Laboratory and as a begining researcher I am very interested to conduct regionally and clinically sound market orientd Laboratory intensive clinical trial researches. I'm also very pleased for meeting you and GHT for my future reputation as an accademician and a researcher. Further more I wish our reputation and union will change our population health.

  • cizabonne CIZA Bonne 26 Feb 2013

    I am delighted to being one of this big professional family today.I am CIZA Bonne from Burundi, Clinical Officer by profession, in charge of the public rural health center of VUGIZO(Southern Burundi)I have also a Diploma in Prehospital Trauma Life Support-Advanced Adult Trauma Life Support(PHTLS-AATLS), Certificates in Community health, Essentials of HIV Medicine, Conflict analysis etc... I have been for years now interested in improving my community health through community based research,health care provision and through prevention of diseases and health promotion. Today, i am honored to be part of this group through GHT and i am currently taking the Clinical Trial course over here at GHT which i knew at the last 6th EDCTP Forum in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. I am new here and will be looking forward to exchanging with you further.

    Thanks in advance.

  • abyotendale Abyot Endale Gurmu 4 May 2013

    Dear all, I am an Ethiopian, currently working as a lecturer and researcher in University of Gondar. I have a B.Phram and MSc degree in Pharmacognosy.I am very interesting in clinical research on malaria and other infectious disease. I am honored to be a member of the Global Health Trials East African Faculty.

  • Otim Geoffrey Otim 16 Jul 2013

    Dear Members, am Otim Geoffrey a Medical Laboratory Assistant working at Uganda Virus Research Institute.
    Am glad to be part of the GHT-EA as a junior scientist.
    Wish to share more...

  • carolyne Carolyne Makokha 30 Jul 2013

    Pleasure to be part of this, Involved in Influenza/Resp pathogens Research-KEMRI/CDC. I have a lot to learn and share and hope my experience at GHT-EA will bring forth a model researcher.

  • mosesalobo Moses Alobo 5 Aug 2013

    Hello there. A while ago I had an absolutely fortuitous moment to be introduced to some lovely people with a vision for research in Rwanda. Vincent Mutabazi, Leon Mutesa and Clarisse Musanabaganwa. They are interested in collaborating with teams within the larger East African region in clinical research. Feel free to contact them. They are senior members of the MRC team in Rwanda tasked with improving research. They should be members of GHT EA by now.

  • mosesalobo Moses Alobo 5 Aug 2013

    GSK EA is seeking for a trainer who can train site personnel in Ethiopia on ICH GCP (preferably using local language – Amharic if possible). If you know of any institution (small or large) with experience of training and can meet the requirements above (including issuance of training certificate), please let me know. The training would occur sometime next year closer to when sites are anticipated to start recruiting into the studies.

  • mosesalobo Moses Alobo 5 Aug 2013

    Short of putting out an advert GSK EA is looking for recommendations for an experienced clinical trial monitor for a study with sites in Ethiopia. It will be based in Kenya with frequent travel to Ethiopia.
    The job includes SDV and site management. Knowledge of Amharic would be a great advantage but nevertheless experience in Ethiopian regulatory trials will be a big advantage.
    Short of the above we will appreciate a well trained Clinical Trial Monitor with good Trial Management credentials.
    Any recommendations that have come to your mind?

  • leilaibrahim34 Leila Ibrahim 9 Oct 2013

    Hi am Registered Nurse working in Ontario, Canada.Iam planning to start MPH Global Health program hopefully next year, am honoured to be part of this team.

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