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This area is being set up as first step for the newly formed 'East African Data Management and Statistics Network'. The aim of this professional community is to foster collaboration and peer support in our region to support this under resourced area of clinical research.

Anyone from the region is welcomed to get involved and of course this is open access so we hope others from different places in the world might also contribute in answering questions raised or indeed benefiting yourselves from the posts here.

The aim of this online element is to compliment and enhance the face to face activity that we plan for the East Africa region to better support clinical research data management and statistics.

So please get involved by stating your interest below and also saying what you might like to see from this network and how it could help you.

Later there will be a dedicated space on The Global Health Network our East African Data Management and Statistics area. This will have many features and resources - but for now this can start us off and you can already use this to develop ideas, ask questions and even post things like documents or templates at you might like to share?


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  • JimTodd JimTodd 21 Nov 2012

    Data management and statistics is important, in many areas of society. And especially in the area of health.

    In East Africa there are many excellent statisticians, data managers, and database programmers. There are plenty of short courses and resources available for teaching, training and mentoring people in data handling.

    On the other side there are thousands of new graduates coming out of our universities. And many are looking for a job, but cant find one. With these plentiful talented young people available, we need to find a way to get the best to become data professionals.

    This is where I see the opportunity lies. In developing the structure to train and mentor the next generation of data managers, statisticians and database programmers.

  • Naomi Naomi Waithira 21 Nov 2012

    This is a great initiative and I would be pleased to be part of it.I see it as a platform for information sharing and fostering collaboration between people in the same profession within the same area. Through sharing our experiences we would find solutions to common challenges we face: as the Swahili saying goes " kidole kimoja hakiui chawa" (A single finger does not kill a louse)

  • dralinn ALI Innocent 21 Nov 2012

    Excellent initiative here!It will be wonderful if other regional factulties can pick up on this and develop similar initiatives in statistics and data management.

  • mutindabrian Brian Mutinda 21 Nov 2012

    I view this as a platform that will help in getting in to better understanding of how Data management and Statistics relate. Have been waiting for such a forum...Good idea and look forward to being actively involved in sharing knowledge.

  • georgina.humphreys georgina.humphreys 21 Nov 2012

    This is a great space for us to share knowledge and support each other when we may be located many miles apart. Although I am now with WWARN in Oxford, UK, I was working in Tanzania last year so hope I can be an honorary East African group member! I hope I can help/learn from others...

  • tsegsha2 Tsegaye Hailu 22 Nov 2012

    Great initiative!Have been waiting for such sharing idea,experience...

  • JimTodd JimTodd 22 Nov 2012

    Dear All,

    Over the last few months a group of us have been working on getting some funding for East African statisticians and data managers. We have put together an application for an International network to the Leverhulme trust.

    Thoughts and comments on the application are welcome.
    We would also need ideas and suggestions as to how to develop these ideas into a clear way forward.

    However whether or not we get funds to initiate the network, there are steps we can take to get a strong association of data professionals in East Africa. It needs to be inclusive, enhance open discussion, and provide support and advice to each other.

    Please post your thought here.

    Attached files: 23510_Application_Form_Final.pdf, 23510_Application_Form_Final_1.pdf
  • gfegan Greg Fegan 22 Nov 2012

    Happy to be part of this and hope we can capture the undoubted experience and interest that exists within the regions.

  • georgemokua George Nyangweso 23 Nov 2012

    A beautiful idea at the right time that would possibly exploit untapped potential in the twin areas of statistics and data management. It would be a handy network of fellow professionals to interact and share knowledge beyond the routine chores we are usually immersed in. I look forward to being part of the network as well as contribute to realize set objectives and like Naomi Waithira said above, by sharing our experiences we would find solutions to common challenges...thus avoid re-inventing the wheel by pumping those energies elsewhere.

  • zwets Marco van Zwetselaar 26 Nov 2012

    For a newcomer to both East Africa and health research, this network will be a perfect port of call.

  • richardngt Richard Ngetich 26 Nov 2012

    This is an excellent initiative and it is long overdue. There is a lot we can gain from each other in the application of sound data management and statistical techniques for the benefit of humanity. I look forward to participating actively in this network

  • hiwott Hiwot Tilahun 26 Nov 2012

    Success comes from taking the initiative. It is a wonderful idea and opportunity to share knowledge and experience within the group.

  • JimTodd JimTodd 28 Nov 2012

    NIMR Mwanza have just announced the dates of the annual 2 week course in Research methods. This covers some basic data analysis as well as epidemiology and research methods.

    Please feel free to apply. I attach the flyer.

    Attached files: RM_Course_2013_Advert.doc
  • kitutufred Freddy Kitutu 29 Nov 2012

    This is a great initiative to network like minds in the epidemiology and biostatistics practitioners in East Africa. I look forward to exciting debates on cutting edge issues affecting our respective areas of expertise particularly as pertains to advancing evidence based practice...

  • lodeny Lazarus Odeny 1 Dec 2012

    I am in. We need to assess needs first and brainstorm on way forward. This is just as good a platform to start. I bet my shoes, the needs are varied from basic to complex. Can we start by compiling these first?

  • cpmasesa Clemens Masesa 7 Dec 2012

    This is a great initiative and I would love to be an integral part of it.

    Hopefully this will allow people working in data management and statistics in the region to share experiences, best practices, does and don'ts, tools, etc.

    I wonder what the plans are to move things forward in a concrete and structured manner so that this community thrives...


  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 7 Dec 2012

    Hi all,

    the last few posts have brought up a very good point here - what do you need to move forward; what can be done to facilitate your work and that of other data managers and statisticians in the area? eLearning, networking events, workshops, toolkits? Let's brainstorm and then we can discuss from there!

    Kind regards
    the editorial team

  • JimTodd JimTodd 13 Dec 2012

    Something to move forward on.
    An initiative from the Uganda team the Ugandan Stats society - a one day symposium in Jan. Although this may be wider than Medical Stats it would be an ideal opportunity to network and learn from others.

    I attach the call for abstracts which gives the date of the symposium.

    Jim Todd

    Attached files: Call_for_abstracts-USS_symposium__v3.pdf
  • ssemakadde Matthew Ssemakadde 14 Dec 2012

    great initiative

  • nazariusmtumwesigye Nazarius M Tumwesigye 22 Feb 2013

    we need a blog to discuss the symposium and other data management and statistics issues. many do not know available opportunities in east African region. The Uganda Statistics society is ready to host the first ever east African symposium. There is a lot being done but unknown to other researchers.

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