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Job Opportunity: Head of Clinical Trials in Kenya

The KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme is internationally renowned for its work in tackling malaria and other infectious diseases. The programme has a strong record of conducting high-quality clinical trials to find new treatments and vaccines that are urgently needed to meet some of the major health challenges in developing countries.

To address the need for high-quality trials, the programme established a dedicated Clinical Trials Facility (CTF) to oversee the design, strategy, coordination and governance of high-quality phase I, II, III and IV clinical trials across East Africa. The facility and its processes have been designed to maximise opportunities for learning and training with the aim of developing a cadre of highly skilled and experienced African trialists from all disciplines.

We are looking for a new Head of the Clinical Trials Facility who will ensure that the facility’s strategy enables the programme to fulfil its potential as a leader in supporting world-class clinical trials in Africa. The postholder will lead on leveraging external funding sources to support the further development of the activities at the facility and will have overall responsibility for budget management (the current three-year budget is approximately $7.8 million with a portfolio of 6-8 grants). The successful candidate will have management responsibility for around 100 staff in the facility and will be responsible for capacity building activities and professional development within the facility’s operations. The postholder will also participate in the key management groups at the programme as well as advise the Scientific Director on strategic issues related to clinical trials.

To excel in this position, you will have a PhD or equivalent in a field related to health research and have significant experience in the conduct of clinical trials. Strong diplomatic skills and proven oral and written presentation skills are essential. Experience of conducting clinical trials in Africa is desirable. The post is available for three years in the first instance.

Applicants for this vacancy are to be made online. To apply for this role and for further details, including a job description and person specification, please click on the link below:

Only applications received before 12.00 midday on Friday 20 May 2011 will be considered.

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ARESA- Advancing Research Ethics Training in Southern Africa

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NIH/International AIDS Society Grant Initiative

The applications can focus on any area of science including bioethics research related to HIV/AIDS.

The OAR and NIH–sponsored Centers for AIDS Research (CFARs), in collaboration with the International AIDS Society (IAS), are sponsoring a special research initiative targeting early-stage and junior level scientists who are not currently involved in AIDS research to consider applying their expertise to some aspect of AIDS-related research. This program will provide funding to non-Federal Government employees for creative and novel AIDS research projects. Projects selected for funding would be provided up to $150,000 (direct costs) plus applicable indirect costs per year for 1-2 years.

The announcement for this initiative is provided below. The Request for applications for this initiative can be accessed on <> . We would appreciate your providing this to your colleagues who are responsible for research and training programs and portfolios outside of AIDS research. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.

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HandsOn: Biobanks

HandsOn: Biobanks

Uppsala Konsert & Kongress
20-21 September 2012, Uppsala, Sweden

Biobanking has become hot, and rather quickly. The technology, the claims and the investments are increasing, but what is the value we are chasing? The route from a human biological sample and registry data to real benefit for patients and public health is complex. Many activities make up this route: funding, ethical review, sample and data collection, storage, bioanalysis and bioinformatics. Each is intended to add value, but how do we make sure we see and increase the benefits?

At this interactive conference we invite you to help understand and improve the activities in these value chains and bring more benefit to humanity. We will use Idea Labs, Hands-On Exhibitions, poster presentations and knowledge sharing to present, discuss and develop ideas for getting the best out of biobanking. We invite academy, industry, doctors, patient groups, policy makers, public representatives and legislators to share knowledge and concerns, and to contribute.

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Nuffield Council Symposium Report: ‘Global health: responsibility, ethics and policy’

A report of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics’ 20th anniversary symposium ‘Global health: responsibility, ethics and policy’ has been published.
At the symposium, which took place on 22 June 2011, speakers from around the globe discussed topics such as ethics and responsibility in global health, non-communicable diseases, the role of emerging biotechnologies in global health, and social determinants of health.
Over 150 people attended the meeting, including clinicians, government officials, and representatives of research funding bodies, charities and pharmaceutical companies, both from the UK and abroad.
Albert Weale, Chair of the Council, summed up the day by highlighting some major themes that had emerged, including medical training and migration, interdependence, responsibility, and ‘health for all’ policies. The symposium will inform the Council as it considers its future work in the field of global health.

Download the report, a video showing highlights of the symposium, the programme, and speaker slides at:

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