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Evidence International is dedicated to strengthening health systems in low-resource settings by improving the capacity for, and access to, evidence-based health care. They empower health care professionals and students with user-centred education, tools, and technology to build capacity for evidence-based practice, to promote evidence-based health care, and to produce translational clinical research in low-resource settings.

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Film clip of key trial that has just published in NEJM

This trial is an impressive example of why trials are needed in resource-limited settings and that they can and should be done. This team of researchers designed, led and managed this trial across 3 African countries. It addresses a key question in the management of severely ill chidren in African hospitals. This video conveys the important results of this trial and how it serves as an excellent example to other researchers. Please do leave your comments on this.

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Our experience with OpenClinica

Performing clinical trials in resource-constrained settings requires an affordable and easy to use data management system that is compliant with applicable standards. It is a bold step to adopt a web-based system in a large multi-site clinical trial in an area with challenging communication infrastructure. The process has been successful but not without its challenges. In this presentation, we look at the experience in setting up and use of OpenClinica in Africa with a case study on a large multi-site clinical trial in East Africa that has adopted OpenClinica. The presentation describes the difficulties faced, approaches taken to counter the challenges and best practices adopted. We also propose additional functionality that we believe would make the system more useful in such settings.

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Free online Biostatistics and Laboratory Techniques courses offering certificate

Introduction to Biostatistics provides an introduction to selected important topics in biostatistical concepts and reasoning through lectures, exercises, and bulletin board discussions. This course represents an introduction to the field and provides a survey of data and data types. Specific topics include tools for describing central tendency and variability
in data; methods for performing inference on population means and proportions via sample data; statistical hypothesis testing and its application to group comparisons; issues of power and sample size in study designs; and random sample and other study types. While there are some formulae and computational elements to the course, the emphasis is on interpretation and concepts.

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Free On-line Statistics Course

Online Statistics: An Interactive Multimedia Course of Study is an introductory-level statistics book. The material is presented both as a standard textbook and as a multimedia presentation. The book features interactive demonstrations and simulations, case studies, and an analysis lab.

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