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Evidence International is dedicated to strengthening health systems in low-resource settings by improving the capacity for, and access to, evidence-based health care. They empower health care professionals and students with user-centred education, tools, and technology to build capacity for evidence-based practice, to promote evidence-based health care, and to produce translational clinical research in low-resource settings.

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COURSERA; 6 week course: Understanding Research; An overview for Health Professionals

Coursera, University of California is offering a free 6 week course, Understanding Research; An Overview for Health Professionals.
Starting 27th January 2014. The course lasts 6 weeks, and consists of
2 - 4 hours per week of lecture videos plus homework and tests. Successful completion earns you a validated certificate.

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Teachigo is a free service that helps students and tutors find each other.

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Elsevier is the leading provider of science and health information, who partner with experts around the globe to develop world-class content, delivering it in ways that fuel discovery, drive innovation, and improve health care.

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Model Agreements

The CBD website provides models and outlines for ABS Agreements and contracts:

The WIPO website hosts a database of biodiversity related access and benefit sharing agreements:

For more information on access and benefit sharing, view the Intellectual Property Rights section of the Global Traditional Medicine section:

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