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We are planning to develop a specific area of Global Health Trials for Research Nurses. In Europe and the US there are very successful professional networks for nurses that work in research and so we think this might be of interest and benefit to nurses who work in other regions of the World. Please can you let us know whether you think this is a good idea and what you think such a forum could do for you in supporting your role as a nurse working in research and in terms of your training and career development? Looking forward to hearing from you!


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  • jagarwal jagarwal 27 May 2011

    This is a very important idea. In India nurses are very important to research yet there is no training for them that is designed for nurses. Generally I think it is fair to say that nurses are unvalued in research and do not have a voice. I hope this is taken forward and I lend my support

  • psoipei psoipei 27 May 2011

    Waoh, what a great idea! I very much support it.
    My current experience as a clinical research coordinator and initially as a research nurse tells me that nurses are very important to research. Their role is an integral part in the research process and cannot be ignored.
    Unfortunately, when it comes to training and career support, this normally focuses on doctors leaving the research nurse usually demotivated.

    So, thumbs up for this noble idea. I am sure it will not only motivate the research nurses but will also contribute to the increase of excellent trialists in Africa.

  • CMaingi Cmaingi 27 May 2011

    What a wonderful idea!!!!!!I have been in research nursing for the last 20 years working in different capacities. We have not had a way of networking and exchanging ideas amongst the research nurses' group.Research nurses are key in achievement of high standard clinical trials' outcomes. There is high demand for training and career development in this area which is barely provided.
    This idea will eventually nature a global policy for research nursing. Keep the light shinning high!!!

  • ekivaya Esther Kivaya 27 May 2011

    Great idea!!I embrace it and am ready to support it fully. I have been in research since 2001 and much of the stuff i have had to learn the hard way as a research nurse and now as a study cordinator also involved in clinical monitoring. My personal development and professional skills have been enhanced and advanced in participating in clinical research and recent training in clinical trials. I believe there is much we can learn from each other through our experiences. My greatest concern is the research gap in nursing so i believe through training forums and networking we can close this gap hence shape the future of healthcare and enhance quality of care.By sharing experiences evidence informed policy can be influenced and nursing practice improved greatly. Timely idea!!!!1

  • mboga mboga 30 May 2011

    This is indeed a splendid idea! For the last 9 years have worked in a research unit, i feel have struggled a lot to understand issues related to research until i had a chance to join london school for the MSC clinical trials course where i got to learn most the things that i was already doing but with no basic knowledge or understanding about them.I feel much confident now dealing with research issues but the biggest challenge is to bring on board our nursing colleagues who are struggling to understand their work.I feel this network will be a good forum for us to address most of the issues affecting research nurses working in poor resource countries.

    looking forward to see this dream network come true


  • pola Getrude Pola Kahindi 30 May 2011

    This is a great idea,I came into research nursing about 3 years now and alot of things i had to master very fast and in these few years i have had to be nurse cordinator for short periods of time and it's been tough. So this forum is good and will open up new horizons for research nurses i know.

  • 419633 bamlak tessema weyesa 31 May 2011

    what an incriedabel idea is it ?my current experiance in clinical coordinater and also research nurse working in ahri ethiopia .it will be good in collabrating developing and developed countery in their experiance of research nursing


    bamlak tessema from ahri ethiopia

  • 1974 Rose Malya 31 May 2011

    That is a wonderful idea!!I have worked in research unit as a research nurse for about 3 years which is a short period of time, I had mastered lots of things,of which in these few months am working as a Trial manager.Actually, this forum will be helpfull to nurses since research nurses are contributing much in clinical trials despite of their low theoretical aspect of understanding in research issues.

  • JemalA Jemal 2 Jun 2011

    Its really a very good idea and initiation,from my experience what i have in (TB Vaccine) clinical trial here in Ethiopia AHRI(Armawer Hanson Research institute)compliance with GCP and successfully completed, it will be a good opportunity to share my experience for the other research nurses who are working in a clinical trial and to learn their experiences as well.
    Please keep it up.
    Jemal Ahmed

  • subah Sulayman Bah 2 Jun 2011

    Thank you very much for this wonderful message.I support your idea 100 percent.I hope it will be a fruitful togetherness as research nurses in AFRICA.The sharing of experiences,working tools and training is really lacking in the research platform for NURSES.


    Sulayman Bah

    Nurse Coordinator

    Severe Pneumonia Studies

    Basse Site.

  • mamulla Moses 17 Aug 2011

    As an investigator I wanted to join this call for structured support for nurses in research. Nurses are the backbone of research in developing countries and not rewarded or recognised. Changing this would be very good for them but also improve the research we do and so I fully support and welcome this suggestion

  • aawasthi amina awasthi 22 Aug 2011

    I am a research nurse in India working on trials of TB. it would be excellent to have some special area and material for us. Training is difficult to get and it is normally the doctors who go on courses so we nurses would like some attention to help our careers in research

  • emaryakoth mary akoth omondi 24 Aug 2011

    I believe this is the best news for me, that will heip me enhance as a research nurse and agood forum to share experiences with other nurses who have a passion working in clinical trials setups.

  • Tamzin Tamzin Furtado 24 Aug 2011

    Hi all

    thank you for your feedback! Please do continue to let us know if this will be a useful idea. It would also be great if you could let us know any ideas you have for resources that would help you in your jobs as research nurses - for example, what types of articles/templates/elearning modules would be of use to you?

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

  • proffcharles Charles McWeary 18 Nov 2011

    I definitely think that more [url=,5.htm]nurse jobs[/url] should be available worldwide. This would ensure that everyone in the world is receiving the best patient care possible.

  • nicolamchugh Nicola McHugh 19 Jul 2012

    Have you seen the new site yet? It is online at

    It will be great to hear from you all, I hope you will become involved in developing activities on our own nurses' network.

  • susanna24ac susan 11 Jul 2013

    This will be so a great an opportunity. for long nurses research ability has been marginalized. looking forward to it.

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