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There seem to be some good discussions going on study issues in Africa. Are there any researchers out there in Thailand & South East Asia with an interest in the issues surrounding field research (both clinical trials and epidemiological/observation studies)? One area we're working on here is trying to run and evaluate a community advisory board (CAB) up on the border with Burma, the idea being to improve community understanding and participation with the clinical trials conducted there. Does anyone have experience in this area that they can share?

Best wishes,


Mahidol Oxford Research Unit


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  • quocdatvu Vu Quoc Dat 21 Mar 2012

    Hi Tom,

    I'm from Vietnam. It is great to know other researchers are woring in SEA.

  • tompeto Tom Peto 29 Mar 2012

    Hi, good to hear from you. There are a group of people in Thailand meeting at the end of April and we're thinking about setting up a regional faculty for SEA on this website. If there's any news I'll let you know.

  • sabeena Sabeena Ahmed 2 Apr 2012

    Hi Tom
    I am from South East Asia- Country Bangladesh.I am working in icddr,b and involved both in clinical trials and epidemiological studies on infectious diseases . I will be very glad to share my experiences with you?

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