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We'd like to invite you all to take part in the next WorldWide Seminar during August on the subject of Statistics.

The WorldWide Seminar Series is a very simple capacity building initiative in which we simply aim to share knowledge, by having one research group share their knowledge with other groups – one group (in this case Augustine Onyeaghala in Nigeria) shares their powerpoint slides, including notes for presentation, and we choose a week (in this case anytime during the week of 10th August) for you to conduct the seminar at your site. We already have five sites around the world taking part, and we need many more!

This is completely free – all you have to do is download the slides, arrange a 45 minute seminar at your site during the week of 10th August, and have someone who knows enough about the topic to comfortably conduct the seminar. They should carefully read the ppt and notes beforehand.

The only obligations are that you 1) let me know you’re taking part, 2) take one photo of the event and share it with me, and 3) let me know how many people attended.

You can find Augustine’s article here with the slides on the right hand side, available for download under ‘useful resources’. Each slide has notes for presentation.

Please let me know if you’d like to take part – we’d also love volunteers for translating the presentations too!
Kind regards
The Editorial Team


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