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The European Commission’s Development and Cooperation Directorate-General (DG DEVCO) has posted a call for proposal to support public health institutions in LMICs. this aims to build on the capacity of key policy institutions, so as to stengthen policy advice, technical assistance and support to national ministries of health in designing and monitoring national health policies and financing.

The total estimated value of the call is EUR 23 million. The deadline for the concept note submission is 17 March 2014.

The purpose of this call is to enhance expertise, knowledge and resources of selected schools of public health or public health research – or training – institutes in low-income countries to provide national health authorities and stakeholders with evidence-based and locally adapted policy advice, training and other support to feed decision and policy-making and to monitor implementation at national or sub national level.

This Call for Proposals will give priority to actions supporting public health institutes in low-income countries that:

Develop a credible approach to link public health research, sector policy dialogue and training to policy development and implementation in areas conducive to universal health coverage and increased equity in health
Present a partnership that has a transnational dimension, and foster South-South cooperation among public health institutions.
In addition, proposals which demonstrate the following aspects will be considered favourably:

The proposal comes in response to a need identified in the country’s national health development plan, with respect to enhancing public health capacity
The proposal includes prospects for the beneficiary institute of a dependable multiyear (5 years) strategic and business plan (scope of activities, expenditure and revenue) that reflects national health priorities and focuses on institutional development and sustainability
At least two of the applicants are established in the beneficiary country, so as to promote ownership and strong local leadership.
This Call for Proposals is intended to serve a programme of maximum 5 years. Only one public health institute will be selected per country.

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