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Based within the Nuffield Department of Population Health at the University of Oxford, The Ethox Centre is an internationally recognised multidisciplinary bioethics research centre and is a vibrant and intellectually exciting place to work. We are seeking a Project Manager to support a new collaboration between researchers in the UK, Kenya, South Africa and Thailand which aims to fill the critical gaps in ethics guidance for responsible research with women, children and families in low-income countries.

You will be an integral part of the research team and will be involved in all design, planning, and team meeting discussions, including travel and participation at two international meetings. You will also be responsible for providing information to the department’s administrative team in relation to human resources, financial management, and reports to the Funder.

You will have experience in project management or administration, including designing and developing communication and data management systems, supporting teams to facilitate field research and working with budgets and managing finances in a research environment. You will also have excellent time management and communication skills and a high level of IT proficiency (familiarity with MS Office, Skype, Excel, and experience of using a database).

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