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To celebrate 2016 International Trials Day, Global Health Trials ran a competition, in which individuals were invited to submit applications for a capacity building workshop to be held at their centre. The aim was to run a workshop relevant for all research staff, free to attend, and Global Health Trials would provide the funding and administrative support.

The standard of entries was extremely high - so much so that an entire tier of extra judging was required! However, we are delighted to announce that the winner was MINIKA ETIM from the Department of Family Medicine, National Hospital, Abuja. Minika's entry is entitled:
Capacity building for clinical research in the face of disaster and conflict situations in middle and low income countries
The day will cover a range of relevant topics, and will be held in the National Hospital Trauma Centre Auditorium, for around 200 participants. The event will build on the work done by other groups in this area,and focus on pragmatic issues such as ethics and gaining funding for research in distasters and outbreak settings. Presentations will be shared online after the event, so don't worry if you can't attend!
Watch this space for more information on the day!


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