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Managing clinical trials, A good and insightful paper from the Trials Journal

Managing clinical trials, of whatever size and complexity, requires efficient trial management. Trials fail because
tried and tested systems handed down through apprenticeships have not been documented, evaluated or published
to guide new trialists starting out in this important field. For the past three decades, trialists have invented
and reinvented the trial management wheel. We suggest that to improve the successful, timely delivery of important
clinical trials for patient benefit, it is time to produce standard trial management guidelines and develop
robust methods of evaluation.

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Latest TDR news

* Call for investment in health information
* Skills-building course held in Caribbean
* WHO issues new dengue guidelines
* WHO Bulletin features TDR’s dengue work
* South-East Asia’s diseases highlighted
* Bioinformatics of infectious diseases
* New Swiss Institute
* WHO and TDR staff changes
* Ndumbe looks back on Scientific and Technical Committee

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Policy Cures’ mission is to provide innovative ideas and accurate analysis to accelerate development

Policy Cures is an independent group providing research, information, decision-making tools and strategic analysis for those involved in the creation of new pharmaceuticals for neglected diseases such as malaria, TB, HIV, pneumonia, sleeping sickness and helminth infections. Our focus is on providing governments, funders and civil society organisations with the information they need to make optimal research and development (R&D) policy and funding decisions for diseases of the developing world.

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Science and Technology in Kenya, Does Kenya Care?

The Grand Debate aimed to drive a discussion of Science and Technology (S&T) and its relevance to Kenyan development. With utube link to programmed debate

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DNDi e-newletter

Founded in 2003 to address the needs of patients with the most neglected diseases, DNDi is a collaborative, patients’ needs-driven, not-for-profit drug R&D organization. This is there current e-newletter.

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