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This initiative is a collaboration between researchers working on clinical trials in developing countries. The principle investigator is Trudie Lang. Currently this site is in a development phase and funding for this period has been provided by the University of Oxford. The intention is that this platform is not ‘owned’ or based in any one organisation or location but is fully open access and participatory. The overall aim is to support and develop the conduct of clinical trials in resource poor settings by and from the perspective of those working on such trials. Therefore the ethos of open access sharing methods and tools are fundamental to this initiative. All are welcome to get involved and contribute, and by doing so will build the content and therefore usefulness of this site.

It is important that the material made available, in terms of tools and resources as well as the guidance that is provided, is reliable, credible and high quality. To ensure this there is an editorial process of peer review and document validation being developed. In this first phase all the materials and content are fully compliant with ICH-GCP and have been peer reviewed. As this programme develops expert panels will be put in place to answer queries and review tools, comments and guidance put forward by users. All content on the site will be clearly identified as having been reviewed and the reviewers comments will be provided with the article. We welcome researchers to assist in the peer review process, as well of course as the continuing invitation to submit material.

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