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Mr Joby George, part of Global Health Trials' Indian faculty, sends this birthday message. View this message and others from around the world.

  • jobygeorge05 Joby George 14 May 2015

    Thanks Amira for your inspiring words.looking forward for support and cooperation of enthusiastic professionals like you in strengthening quality research across the globe.

  • amira_elshenawy1 Amira Elshenawy 12 May 2015

    Happy anniversary Global Health Network, I wish u all the best ever. We as students are very grateful to u for your valuable training courses, We are looking for more. Personally, I've learned a lot and thanks to you, my career is improving day after day, you enhanced my knowledge in clinical trials career, gave me the opportunity to get to know respectful and highly educated supportive colleagues like Mr. Joby George.
    Generally, you enlighten the world with useful type of knowledge and obvious support for patients all over the world.
    Thank you all for your efforts