Skills-focused workshops with training in situ and the generation of repository resources in local Language

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Step 2

Invite workshop proponents to an introductory meeting

The objective of this meeting is to get to know the organising team and advise on the proposed programme, especially to guarantee that interactive and practical activities will be included.

A workshop planning form can be sent to them in advance to help structuring the event.

In addition, this opportunity (or a future meeting) can be used to define the outputs that will be generated by the event (see an email text with suggested outputs here).

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Set up a webpage to host the event information and registration link
(and generated resources after the event)

Include logos and description / abstract

 Consent for future use of the collected data

Download Registration questionnaire

  • Basic demographic information
  • Professional role
  • Research experience
  • Reasons to attend
  • Research skills self-evaluation

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Generation of comms including posters, social media, newsletters, email dissemination

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Event delivery

A representative of the organisation team attended the 'in person' events to advertise the platform and interact with participants, speakers and organisers.

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Feedback from participants

At the end of the workshop, participants were asked to complete a questionnaire with the same set of questions asked in the registration form (to evaluate research skills aquired), as well as information on their opinion on the event.

Download Feedback questionnaire

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