Step 1

Identifying target groups

  • Local experts: identified by scoping documents from MoH, Universities and other relevant local research institutes
  • Research groups within research consortia

Defining the call criteria related to proposal content and format

  • Choose a theme/topic
  • Proposed workshop training should be relevant to public health and aimed at improving research skills (for example, academic writing, funding proposal submission, implementation of public policies and public engagement)
  • Workshop Design: highly interactive format with practical activities and tasks in groups
  • Target: academics, researchers, health professionals, laboratory staff and/or students
  • Collaborative proposals involving more than one research group or institution were encouraged


  • English or local language
  • 1,500-word limit to describe the programme proposal
  • Submissions made to a central email account

Call dissemination

  • An email was sent to the identified target groups with the call information and the application form
  • A 2.5 week-period was given to submit proposals
  • Reminder emails sent 5 and 2 days before the deadline. Download email templates

Selection of proposals

  • Submissions were scored by a panel according to pre-determined criteria. Download scoring system
  • Compatibility with the Network's goals
  • Proponent capacity building experience
  • Proponent research expertise
  • Basic host site infrastructure for training activities
  • Target audience and date
  • Only proposals with a minimum score of 50% across all criteria were considered
  • Proponents were informed of the selection outcome within 2 weeks from the deadline. Download email templates

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