Scientists use global computer network to find leishmaniasis drugs

Colombian scientists are using a global network of personal and institutional computers to search for potential drugs against leishmaniasis, a disease that affects 12 million people worldwide.

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International Leishmania Network

The International Leishmania Network is a network of experts and researchers in leishmaniasis and has been active since 1993. This website has an extensive discussion forum on all areas of leishmaniasis diagnostics, research and treatment, and structured topic areas.

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Leishmaniasis Direct Agglutination Test: Using Pictorials as Training Materials to REduce Inter-Reader Variability and Improve Accuracy

by Emily R Adams, Diane Jacquet, Gerard Schoone, Kamlesh Gidwani, Marleern Boelaert, Jane Cunningham
7th January 2013 • comment

Coming soon! A paper series on clinical trial design for tropical diseases. Read more here and get involved!

21st November 2009 • comment