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  • wanidot931 NickFury23 21 Oct 2022


  • mmubita01 Mwangana Mubita 31 May 2014

    Working in direct patient care as a clinical pharmacist exposes me a to a number of scenarios for which there are no clinical guidelines. These can potentially be turned into research questions depending on their relevance and prevalence so that the resultant studies can be sufficiently statistically powered.
    In a nutshell, direct involvement in patient care provides several opportunities for identifying areas of research. It is amazing to learn that not every question relating to patients currently has answers! Thus, theoretically these could form a basis of research, all other factors considered.
    For example, in my practice, I noted there is an overwhelming number of patients presenting with relapse of cryptococcal meningitis after standard treatment. This as simple as it may seem, may require a study to investigate the cause of this trend, so that we avoid a pitfall of assuming poor compliance in all patients with a relapse.

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