Discuss how clinical research can improve the quality of health care in Zambia


  • mukomakalumba mukomakalumba 5 May 2014

    We have spoken a lot about improving the quality of health care in Zambia using evidence based guidelines. Do we have a system in place in Zambia that enables us to translate research findings or results into workable policies and guidelines?

  • jimmyhangoma Jimmy Hangoma 1 May 2014

    clinical research in Zambia would help us manage patients based on our local findings as opposed to managing them based on evidence from elsewhere as we know that research outcomes may be influenced by a lot of factors such as race, ethnicity etc. Therefore, clinical research in Zambia would promote evidence-based practice enhancing specificity, rationality and economical approach to practice.

  • mukomakalumba mukomakalumba 29 Apr 2014

    By conducting clinical research in Zambia, we will also be able to tailor the research to diseases that contribute a higher percentage to the burden of illnesses in our country and by so doing improve the health indicators, quality of life and the life expectancy.

  • smayimbo SEBEAN MAYIMBO 28 Apr 2014

    It will improve the quality of health care as this will not be based on empirical but evidence based data.

    It will attract funding to help in combating actual or potential health problems.

    It will help to stimulate interest in all aspects of health care.

  • mmubita01 Mwangana Mubita 28 Apr 2014

    Clinical research can improve quality of healthcare in Zambia by helping us develop evidence-based clinical guidelines on diagnosis and treatment of diseases, use of scarce resources in health care etc. Unlike merely adapting guidelines based on studies in different populations, clinical research conducted in our local population would provide evidence applicable to our unique population.

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