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how are the north -south partnerships going to shape collaborative trial management in the next 10 years.
your opinions.


future trial management

  • tlang Trudie Lang 12 May 2010

    Hello Jesse, That is a great question - let's see what people think. Do you have any experience or view that you would like to share?

  • Roma Roma Chilengi 14 May 2010


    Jesse is one of our RTS,S physicians and is very keen on advancing his research career.
    Concerning the question, i think we are increasingly going see see collaborative arrangements in which there is some equal sharing of responsibilities. In the past, nearly all the planing and budgets were handled in the north. That trend is slowly going to even out. This should infact be the go of real capacity building so that southern partners will also be able to conceive and lead scientific agendas and actually take leadership to publish. This is my opinion

  • tlang Trudie Lang 14 May 2010

    I think that is a really important point. In my view too much of the technical input for trials is being carried out by the sponsor. In many ways this is understandable, they are a distant partner and they are developing a product for registration and that is how they operatate with all their trials, where ever they are being conducted. However we need more opportunities for research staff like Jesse who have promising careers to have opportunitieis to write protocols, design CRF's, get involved in the stats and datamanagement - basically be thoroughly involved in the science of planning and running a trial, not just carrying out the tasks passively. In my view we need to work with our partners and trial sponsors early in the processes to insure engagement in these areas and for them to share these tasks. I am sure this could be acheived and would benefit all sides, what do others think?

  • mamulla Moses 14 May 2010

    I would really welcome more involvement from other groups with our research. We do need more opportunities to try writing protocols and buidling data bases. We welcome partners and guidance from our neighbours in Africa and our sponsors from the north - as long as trianing and careers are kept in mind and opportunties developed for all

  • Probably the partnerships could push major Donors to play a role in this. What I mean is that, to date, most funding for clinical research goes to specific projects, but little is left for structural upgrade and sustained funding for non commercial research institutions in the South. One of the objectives of North -South partnerships should be to empower research institutions in the South with additional, sustainable resource (e.g., data management & statistics unit, pharmacovigilance, legal/regulatory affairs) that would allow them to take on the role of sponsorship and leadership.

  • Just one more idea. The ECTP is working quite well in promoting North-South collaboration, and some sites in Africa could be strenghtened ion view of taking the leadership of future studies. However, like other (non clinical research-focused) international initiatives, EDCTP focus on HIV, malaria and TB. Shouldn't we push for broadening its scope to -at least- the so-called neglected diseases? African research groups should be empowered to become leaders of researches targeting the health needs of their population, irrespectively of whether the needs concerns the "big three" or other pathologies.

  • DavelineNyakundi Daveline Nyakundi 17 Jun 2010

    As the north-south collaboration takes root, in my opinion there are two key elements that have to be considered in the south: capacity building-this should ensure that adequate and relevant infrastructure are in place to stage a platform for quality conduct of trials.Secondly, the expertise need to be beefed up so as research design, conduct, analysis and reporting are done professionally. The north-south collaboration then can make a lasting impression

  • jagarwal jagarwal 26 Jul 2010

    With our trials in India we work with local pharmaceutical companies and contract research organisation. We would like to run more studies with partners in Europe and America. For us we would like very much to run more studies that are not drug studies but to look at research questions about disease and find better treatment or managment. It would be good to run more studies that are not commercial and be in partnership with other universities.

  • mbwinga mbwinga 24 Jan 2011

    Trial partnership are good for bringing experience and investment. many sites run trials with sponsors from the US and EU. This brings some training and funds and we welcome this. We also need to conduct studies without such help. This needs more ability in our countries and the funding to do so

  • cdiaz cdiaz 27 May 2011

    Trial management is a big challenge especially when we want to run trials locally and have no external partners. We find issue such as trial insurance and paying government health workers for their contributions very difficult

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