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I want to know if somebody with a first degree in Philosophy can qualify as a biomedical investigator? If know, what can such person do?


  • caldinger Carmen Aldinger 21 Sep 2015

    The degree is less important than the experience. Thus, you could consider gaining (more) experience in biomedical investigations.

    However, it is unlikely that somebody with a degree in philosophy will qualify as a director that will oversee direct patient care. Thus, you could consider obtaining additional qualifications in direct patient care.

  • phansoduro PHANS ODURO SARPONG 22 Sep 2015

    Philosophy deals with nature of reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language whiles Biomedical is natural and formal science. Biomedical Investigator could be healthcare or Public health, so upon excessive formal training, the person could be in as an Investigator, furthermore, first degree is a basic....

  • sreedharsmail sreedharsmail 23 Sep 2015

    According to ICH GCP Qualification and experience in related field is mandatory.I think if its his basic degree he can acts as Investigator if he gains experience in Biomedical field.

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