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Hello,thanks for initiating a month dedicated to careers.Great work TGHN,and thanks to all experts for all your valuable suggestions and answers.
Well,I'm a research nurse from India and a member of TGHN,my question is that I'm now interested to move from india and to take some good opportunities at abroad,in order to broaden my skills and to enhance my career pathway.I often applies to all the job openings in research at abroad,but often I get no answers from the company or universities. is it that being from india and my role is very limited in india,I'm not getting any good opportunities.please let me know what may be the contributing factors even though in the advert mostly my qualifications match with the openings.


  • sanskriticsjm Sanskriti Singhania 31 Jul 2021

    My name is Sanskriti Singhania
    A self-driven biotechnology post graduate (M.Sc in Biotechnology, DY Patil University, New Bombay , 2016) with a record of achievement providing outstanding research skills and comprehensive knowledge in subjects like Genetics, Molecular Biology, Immunology, Cancer biology, Bioinformatics, cell Biology, Microbiology and other Biomedical sciences.
    I am able to combine current academic knowledge and theoretical training with practical experiences to provide solution-oriented capabilities.
    I am an aspiring researcher and seeks opportunities to continue learning and growing.
    I am Fluent in English and a few South Asian languages.
    I have Excellent work ethic and motivated to perform well both individually and in a team.
    I am currently seeking an opportunity in biotechnology in London having keen interest in pursuing professional experience in the academic, healthcare and industrial sector.
    I HEREBY ATTACH My CV for consideration.

    Attached files: Sanskriti_cvv.pdf
  • kamoathomas amoa thomas Konin 3 Jan 2018


  • deep_singh4u21 Deepak Singh 11 Jul 2015

    any job for reesrach coordinator

  • jobygeorge05 Joby George 12 Jun 2015

    Dear Cody,

    Thanks for the suggestions,well that's an optimistic thought to diverse the profile,well I'm trying my best to expand the role,but surprisingly the level of like minded professionals to the stream is too low that it is difficult to explore many at times,the ways to explore research shall have to come from the government and other agencies which is not there,and nobody is keen to support. The involvement of NMC in UK,WHO,Bill and Melinda Gates and many philanthropist agencies are immensely supporting in abroad,thereby all are keen to get involve,but here its rather opposite,well lets hope for the best,thanks once again

  • Dear Joby,

    I would recommend diversifying your profile in your current country.

    Hope that makes sense.

    Good luck with the hunt!

  • jobygeorge05 Joby George 10 Jun 2015

    Dear Karla Lam,

    I'm so grateful to you,this will really work,Thanks for this valuable response.



  • karla Karla Lam 10 Jun 2015

    Dear Joby,

    There is a big shortage of nurses (including research nurses) in the UK. You can look for jobs in the NHS in this webportal:

    However, you have to bear in mind that if you are applying for a post that requires professional registration, you will need to register with the appropriate regulatory body in the UK. If you are registered in your home country, but do not have UK registration, some NHS employers may be able to help with this. In the case of research nurse posts they might also be able to sponsor you for a visa (given the high demand for this type of professionals). To find out if this is the case you have to carefully read the job advert and if nothing is mentioned email the contact person for the post.

    I hope this helps and good luck!

  • jobygeorge05 Joby George 10 Jun 2015

    Thanks a lot for your valuable response,that's right employers shall mention in the adverts anyway I hope and will continue looking job search.thanks once again

  • Hi Joby! I think an issue may be work permits - there may be government restrictions on 1) the number of people that can be offered a particular permit or 2) the types of jobs that one may recruit a foreigner for (whether it requires scarce skills or not for instance). Another issue is that, even when eligible, the time that it takes to obtain a work permit may be unrealistic for a position that needs to be filled as soon as possible (and short term contracts). The work permit situation in South Africa is quite complicated like that I'm afraid...... I think employers could help though by stipulating these issues in adverts perhaps?

  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 9 Jun 2015

    Dear Joby

    This is an interesting point and thank you for bringing it up. I am sure the community will provide many interesting responses, but in the meanwhile it may be worth checking our resources on writing job applications, such as Cover Letter writing guidance ( and CV writing guidance ( In particular it's important to be concise and clear.

    I look forward to feedback from the community on this!
    Kind regards
    The Editorial Team

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