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Open for application: 31 October 2014
Deadline for application: 30 January 2015, 16:00 (GMT)

Researchers from LMICs who are involved in clinical research projects have limitedopportunities to acquire experience and develop skills for conducting clinical trials outside of anacademic or public sector setting. EDCTP and TDR have decided to jointly implement afellowship scheme that will support researchers to obtain these skills, while ensuring synergiesbetween researchers and clinical staff, pharmaceutical companies, PDPs and researchinstitutions. This partnership will have a leverage effect on the number of individuals trained,resulting in an increased impact on research and development capacity in LMICs.

The purpose of this Joint Call for Proposals is to support researchers and key members ofclinical trial research teams from LMICs to acquire specialist skills in clinical research anddevelopment through placements in pharmaceutical companies and PDPs. The scheme targetsjunior to mid-career researchers or clinical staff (clinicians, pharmacists, medical statisticians,data managers, other health researchers) who are employed by a legal entity in LMICs wherethey are currently working on activities in the scope of EDCTP or TDR.

The EDCTP-TDR partnership includes a joint evaluation and selection process of applicationssubmitted to this Call. However, grant awarding and budget management are managedseparately by each organisation. TDR will fund fellows employed by a research institution inany LMIC to be placed in pharmaceutical companies and PDPs either in or outside Europe totrain and develop new research skills on infectious diseases including HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria,Ebola and NIDs. EDCTP will fund fellows employed by a sub-Saharan African legal entity to beplaced in European-based pharmaceutical companies to train and develop new research skillsof relevance to PRDs.

Fellows can only be funded once under this grant scheme. Grants awarded are nottransferrable from one individual to another. Placements are for a minimum period of 6months up to a maximum period of 24 months. Fellows must be committed to return to theirhome organisation for a minimum of two years after completion of the fellowship. Fellowsshould be able to demonstrate how the experience gained during the training programme willbe applied upon return to their home organisation.

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