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Global Health Trials February Issue of the Month

This month, we are interested in career development within clinical research. Clinical Researchers (of all roles within the research team) often have a very interesting and varied career paths, and at the Cape Town workshop last month we had some discussions with people looking to 'break into' research but unsure which job role best applied to their particular skills, education, and so on.

We have a number of initiatives on Global Health Trials designed to aid career progression (including the Professional Membership Scheme and eLearning centre), but are keen to hear about your career path. Did you plan to get involved in research, or did it 'just happen'? How did you hear about your role? What is your current job and experience? And your plans for the future?

Or for the bigger issues - what do you think could be done to make career paths in clinical research more well-defined, well-recognised and more accessible?


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  • raviesharma Ravie 26 Feb 2013

    After having 6+ years of diversified exposure in Clinical Monitoring and Quality Management, I still feel it to be at a nascent stage. There is lot more to learn.

    My current role as a APM allows to converge and harness rich dividends including the field monitors for a number of critical activities at site level and sponsor level in the early start up and quick close out of the study. A collaborative effort along with monitors is needed to ensure standard of care, train the site in protocol, select the right site, ensure regulatory support, support the logistics team, manage the vendor, ensure good documentation practices, develop patient recruitment and retention, lean the applicable process, as well as ensure effective site management amongst the myriad activities assigned toward developing the drug in the clinic. Moreover, one should know enough about the nuts-and-bolts of clinical research.

    As the clinical research market and drug development is entering the next decade, increasingly newer markets and opportunities are being explored along with constantly changing regulations across various markets. In the coming years, it is very difficult to predict or understand the growth in clinical research as it will depend on local country regulations and also may vary from country to country.

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