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  • Saikou_Drammeh Saikou Drammeh 28 Sep 2010

    I presently work as a field supervisor for a lipid
    based multiple micro-nutrient clinical trial at MRC field station in Keneba, The Gambia.I attained some
    on-the-job training in the field of clinical trial and have recently completed the basic GCP, basic ethics and Advance ethics courses run by AMANET. I aspire to become a clinical trial coordinator and kindly seek for your advice in this regard.I was also told by my study PI that he learnt there are some short study courses
    that are offered in Europe that might be very useful.Do you have any knowledge on this? can you please give
    some advice.

    Thank you and Best wishes.

  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 29 Sep 2010

    Dear Saikou,

    Thank you very much for this post. We see from the feedback and messages we have received that many research staff have similar questions to yours. It is helpful that you have posted it here as others can see the responses you receive and benefit from them. I am going to reply now and encourage others to also answer you as there are varied opportunities around and others will know of courses or training that we are not aware of.
    Firstly your ambition to become a clinical trial coordinator is a good one and with the right experience, support and training should be achievable. You were quite right to take the online course that AMANET provide (and we understand they are developing more of these) and if you look through the bookmarks on this site you will find links to other free online courses. It is important that you build a training record to support your CV. We are in the process of building a free online CPD scheme and you will be able to use that to track your training and new skills, and this will also suggest and signpost training and learning opportunities that are appropriate for you. We aim to begin piloting this scheme in November and invite you to join as one of our pilot users of this. Yes there are courses in Europe for clinical trials. Most of these are run by organisations such the Institute of Clinical Research ( and the Vienna School ( . However these are expensive and can be focussed on the UK, European or US requirements. You would also need to have funds for the travel as well as the course. The London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene run an excellent diploma and Msc course by distance learning, although again these require funding. In Ghana there is now a taught course in clinical trials which is very good news, for this a first degree is required and it is a full time course. Across the region various organisations are running clinical trials training as short courses for specific trial networks. We are going to build an area of this site for organisations to place details of these courses and encourage them to open up places for neighbouring researchers. Please watch this space. We aim to have this in place by the end of the year. I will hand over to others now as I am sure there is a great deal of good advice from our colleagues to be shared here.

  • Saikou_Drammeh Saikou Drammeh 30 Sep 2010

    I will be more than happy to be a pilot user of the scheme.

  • fridao Frida OYAKHIROMEN 1 Dec 2010

    Dear Saikou,
    VSCR(Vienna School of Clinical Research) organised a short course titled "Trial Site Management - Essential skills for study coordinators" in November 2007 in Lambaréné - Gabon (Central Africa)
    I attended this course and it was very helpful. I will find out if they still have such in central or any where in west africa and get back to you.

  • fridao Frida OYAKHIROMEN 6 Dec 2010

    Dear Saikou,
    I got in touch with lambarene site and it seems for the moment VSCR is not organising courses in Gabon anymore. The majority of their training courses in Africa are now hosted in Nairobi.
    There is a contact address on their website (see link on the editorial team reply) if you want to have more informations on this.

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