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Hello everybody.

I am a clinical officer in Zambia, and I'd like to get some training in monitoring. Are there any online courses, particularly free ones? Or any good courses with grants? Do you have to repeat the training, like with GCP?

Thank you



  • Hallo,

    I am not aware of free on-line courses specifically focusing on monitoring. However, you may benefit from free on-line courses on GCP and/or research ethics. In addition to those hosted in this website, there are for instance: (AMANET) (TRREE) (Novegian Medical Association, mentioned in the website of World Medical Association)


  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 30 Aug 2012


    There are multiple organisations and institutions on the internet offering clinical trial monitoring courses both as online or face to face training. Most of these courses can be quite expensive and I am unaware of any that are free or directly offering grants. Clinical trial monitoring training can begin as part of internal training within an organisation and this would usually involve working with internal quality assurance, quality control or audits. This can lead to attending an external course funded directly by the host institution/organisation. There are some materials freely available on the internet that offer an introduction to clinical trial monitoring which is a great starting point; however this is generally an overview of the entire process and will not result in a qualification/registration. Below are two examples of such materials:

    UK NHS – ACRP/Forum collaboration:

    This covers all the relevant topics but is however very low on content

    Family Health International USAID funded - Monitoring HIV/AIDS Programs: A Facilitator’s Training Guide:

    Although this information is centred on monitoring HIV/AIDS programs and is a facilitators training guide it covers all the relevant areas.

    I will email our Global Health Network contacts and find out if they are aware of a free monitoring course or a course with a grant application.

    Many thanks and best wishes.

  • rminja Rose Minja 27 Aug 2012

    Training for clinical research Associates can take place on the job, (in house training) or external courses.
    On job/ inhouse trainee CRA is attached to senior CRA and he/she will be training during monitoring activities such as site qualification visit, site initiation visit, routing and close out site monitoring visits.For the external courses the trainee will combine clssroon knowledge plus practical in some cases job placement.
    For free online courses I am not sure but for online courses there are many contracted Research Organisation (CRO) who offer training courses for CRA online. eg follow this link:

  • dralinn ALI Innocent 15 Aug 2012

    I think you are eligible for the following prestigious clinical development fellowship which gives you an opportunity to learn a wide range of skills in clinicval research including monitoring.


    The TDR website is also a good place to check on career development fellowships in your area of interest.


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