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MSc in Epidemiology & Applied BioStatistics
Tumaini College, KCMC
2 year course stating October 2012

Course organiser: Jim Todd (Dept of Epi and Biostatistics, KCMU College).

This is a 2 year course, leading to a Masters qualification, is designed to cover the basic concepts of epidemiology and many advanced techniques in Biostatistics. The successful graduate will be prepared for a job in research, or in an academic institution. There is a shortage of trained BioStatisticians in East Africa, and this course is designed to help train personnel to fill that gap. Much of the course material has been adapted from courses run in LSHTM, and some modules are delivered by lecturers from LSHTM

Applicants must have a first degree in medicine, or statistics, with a good knowledge of science, and scientific research. The course is open to all nationalities on an equal basis, without discrimination on sex, age or religion. International applications are welcome.

Course overview. This course will be taught over 2 years.
The first three months will be a foundation course covering core concepts in Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Research Methods, and an introduction to various computer packages, including Epi-Info, Access and Stata. The following two months will be devoted to epidemiological concepts, Epidemiology of Communicable and Non-Communicable diseases, Surveillance and Screening Diagnostics.

The second term will start with standard statistical techniques (linear regression, logistic regression, Poisson regression, survival analysis). These modules will include lectures, practicals, and challenge students to use the techniques to analyse a prepared dataset. The second half of the term will be devoted to the preparation for the research project. Students will be encouraged to do their project with a recognized research institution, outside of KCMC in order to develop their ideas and work.

The second year will start with a three month field rotation placement. Students would be expected to work with different sections within a research organization outside of KCMC, in order to gain wider understanding of data processes, and data analysis. The next three months of the second year will cover some advanced statistical techniques (Likelihood, Survey methods, Multi-level models and concepts in modeling statistical data). Students will be expected to practice their techniques using a prepared dataset. The final part of the second year will be to complete the research project. The analysis and interpretation of their data could be done outside of KCMC with submission at the end of the term.

Many of the modules covering epidemiological concepts, standard statistical techniques, and the advanced statistical techniques will also be offered as short, stand-alone courses available to external students from outside of KCMC.

More information on the course, and the fees for the course available at A limited number of fees only scholarships are available for this course.

The Epidemiology and Applied Biostatistics MSc at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College is supported by the THRiVE consortium.


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