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I want to share our experience of integrating training with epidemiological studies and really had great experiences that i will be sharing in a while. I would like to hear what others are doing out there.


  • mamulla Moses 18 Jun 2010

    We are all looking forward to hearing from you. Training is an area we need help with at our site and so I am pleased that this programme offers somewhere for us to find help and see what others have done. Do share you experiences, thank you

  • swandiga Steve Wandiga 5 Jul 2010

    Hi Moses, you are welcome to consult with us, we got funded to have a proactive training department within the studies. It has really contributed towards ensuring that we are operating at optimal levels and addressing training and site needs.

  • dralinn ALI Innocent 18 Aug 2010

    I shall be following up on what happens in your site as we all face similar issues with training and retraining.

  • swandiga Steve Wandiga 11 Aug 2011

    Hi Sreedhar! Thank you for sharing thsi information.

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