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i am interested in someone sharing the post training evaluation tools they have once the training is over and want to assess the level of application of knowledge,skills or change of behavior say 3-6 months after the course/training.


  • tlang Trudie Lang 12 May 2010

    Hi Peter.

    I am sure there are many groups with post training evaluation tools that they would be willing to share. They are highly beneficial to training and used by many groups. Let us see what comes forward. Thanks for your request - training is one of the key areas of this programme

  • andyburke Andy Burke 13 May 2010

    In my experience it is rare to go back and assess the impact or retention of training after the event. Quizzes at the end of a training session are becoming more common. These may be good for satisfying training records but don't say much about medium/long-term impact. In terms of tools I would think that online survey sites such as could be used to revisit training say 6 months after the event.

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